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Our Philosophy of Wellness
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1) Human Potential - The nature of our underlying human potential is one of responsive, adaptable energy that is capable of learning about itself and others. Human intelligence develops a map of personal meaning and purpose which manifest on both a psychological and physiological level.

2) Evaluations - The idea that one can separate the creative process of body and mind is essentially a fallacy. Many subtle and important "messages" about our dilemmas in life become internalized in the psycho-physiological structure of the body. A meaningful evaluation discovers patterns of functioning, that are associated with stuckness and identifies points where this stuckness can be released.

3) Symptoms - Symptoms reflect a "stuckness" or impasse in which this adaptive energy has been turned off and replaced by rigid defensive structures. This stuckness becomes a kind of internal programming that manifests on both a psychological and physiological level.

4) Physical and Mental Well Being - Factors that promote physical well being also improve functioning on a cognitive and emotional level. These factors include, increases in oxygenation, cortical blood flow, and available energy across the cell membrane, normalization of electrical activity in the brain, reduction of chronic stress and balancing the autonomic nervous system, and improvement in lymphatic circulation to mention a few. A healthy system dances with life, a dysfunctional system marches with exhaustion towards collapse.

5) Intention and Change - Nothing is more powerful than our own intention. This inner intention plays a crucial role in the functioning of our immune system and by extension our ability to face and master life challenges. When a unified intention is present, innovative resources can open the open to transformative change. When the inner intention remains mired in a need to maintain the dysfunctional status quo the most innovative or powerful resources will not be effective. Therapy is therefore a journey of discovery in which a client learns to become responsible for their own intention and empowered to see how those inner intentions/decisions serve their deeper purpose in life.

6) Recovery and Revitalization - The body and mind retain a tremendous plasticity through the life span that allows for recovery of function and return to a vital creative state. This energy is available at any age and can operate on both a physical and psychological level. Contrary to popular belief the brain does not have to lose it's spark as we age.

7) Family Environment - Families and social networks are tremendously powerful "holding environments" in which healing change is either supported or undermined. Healing crises occur on many levels and can be extremely stressful for the client and their family. The bigger the change being sought in therapy the more likely it will impact on others within the family. The more enmeshed an individual's problems are with the family system the more crucial it becomes to have that system take part in the therapeutic process. If a family's resistance to change is not met and understood the process of healing is likely to seen as a threat and undermined.

8) Incorporating New Approaches To Healing - The development of ideas and clinical tools is always advancing around the world in a synergistic fashion . A holistic health related practice must always be ready to explore and incorporate new innovations in it's approach to alleviate suffering associated with the endless complex phenomena known as the human condition.

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