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Specific Conditions: Summary of Treatments
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The following conditions are being treated with a number of available treatments. An initial diagnosis will best determine which modalities are best suited to each patient's situation.

ADD/ADHD · Dissociative Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder · Closed Head Injuries and Stroke Recovery
Optimum Performance · Tinnitus, Hearing Loss, and Hyperacusis · Autism and PDD · Substance Abuse
Depression · Immune System Disorders and Pain Reduction · Schizophrenia · Migraine Headaches
Energy and Vitality Enhancement · Lyme Disease

As most people are aware, there is an explosion of interest in children who can't seem to pay attention, are constantly restless or who are highly intelligent but lag behind in academic performance. The use of Ritalin has increased dramatically with both children and adults and there is a growing concern about the side effects (i.e. anxiety, tic disorders) associated with drug treatment.

There is good reason to believe that many of these conditions actually reflect several physical conditions that can be effectively treated without medication. The first step is assessment. Difficulty paying attention can be related to a number of factors including developmental delays, head injuries, specific neurological patterns, perceptual integration difficulties, emotional problems and depression.

Once an assessment is done there are many options for effective therapy.

Dissociative Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety condition that sometime follows exposure to traumas like accidents or war time experiences. Dissociative Disorder generally result from prolonged exposure to trauma in childhood. Treatment for both conditions can be painstaking. Depending on the severity and length of time the trauma was experienced, traditional therapy can last for an extended period of time and often involves crisis' where the client's ability to function is greatly reduced.

A number of technologies have been very helpful in working with stress related disorders.

An important note of caution needs to be emphasized with regards to the treatment of severe dissociative disorders. Innovative technologies can provide opportunities to move deeper and at a faster rate but a successful outcome depends on the client's readiness to reorganize their inner world. This involves not only traumas from the past but patterns of interaction in the present.

Few things are more powerful in life then the emotion ties that are developed in our efforts to find love and intimacy. Individuals with extensive trauma often unconsciously recreate patterns from childhood in their adult relationships. These relationships have often formed in ways that maintain the client's own flawed sense of self. Relationships in the new family system need to help the client individuate from these patterns so as to develop a new healthy self identity. When other family members have emotional issues of their own that maintain old dysfunctional patterns of interaction then it is crucial to involve them in family therapy. The failure to do so can completely undermine the outcome of the therapeutic process.

Closed Head Injuries and Stroke Recovery
A number of treatment modalities are useful in the treatment of Closed Head Injuries. Initial evaluation is important and can provide valuable information on the locale of the injury .

Once this has been identified and treatment begins, improvements are often seen in all areas of cognitive functioning as well as improved gait, mood and overall functioning.

Several treatments are useful in restoring function following injury or stroke.

Optimum Performance
Protocols similar to those used to treating substance abuse also work to improve Optimum Performance in athletics and situational performance of all kinds, (test taking, study behavior etc). The underlying principle is to help the brain and nervous system relax and absorb a set of new images and associations that become part of the clients new repertoire of skills. Research supports the idea that this type of training produces measurable improvement in athletic performance.

Tinnitus, Hearing Loss, and Hyperacusis
A number of the therapeutic technologies we employ have been used successfully in the treatment of hearing related problems. The Irradia Mid Laser has been used extensively in Sweden in the treatment of Tinnitus and painful hearing (hyperacusis) with over 50% of patients reporting complete relief of symptoms. The protocol involves directing laser energy through the ear channel and mastoid bone. The Papimi has been used successfully with Tinnitus and hearing loss in general due to it's generalized rejuvenating effects on tissue. HBOT has been used successfully in cases where hearing was damaged by sudden acoustical trauma. It is hypothesized that sudden trauma to the ear results in a sudden drop of in the partial pressure of oxygen to the Corti Organ and related lymphatic system. If HBOT is used soon after the trauma damage can be minimized.

Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)
Autism and PDD are often considered on a continuum with ADD/ADHD and Tourettes syndrome. In fact, treatments used for patients with ADD/ADHD, have been used quite successfully with autism. Of special concern with autism is the over sensitivity to stimuli that makes sounds, smells, touch and visual stimulation so overwhelming. A combination of therapies has proven to be extremely useful in decreasing this over sensitivity and allowing the child (or adult) to open up to the world around them.

Other treatments have proven to be effective for improving socialization, focus and impulse control problems , providing calming effects, stimulating language development in autistic children, fine tuning auditory processing skills used in language development, organizing behavior and stimulating overall developmental progress.

Substance Abuse
Protocols have been developed which are extremely effective in reducing/eliminating the urge to use drugs, binge eat or engage in compulsive behavior. These protocols teach the brain to relax deeply and change the internal scripts that maintain the old addictive behavior. At the conclusion of treatment the body will often produce a flu like reaction if the individual attempts to use drugs again.

Nutritional approaches have been very helpful in the treatment of various chemical dependency issues. Considerable research has been done on the effectiveness of nutritional approaches.

Depression is another common condition frequently treated with medication. It is very interesting to note however, that depression can often be linked to changes in hearing, vision and brain wave activity that tradition therapy does not address. Treatment can be very effective in releasing the brain and nervous system from patterns of hearing that subtly reinforce depression.

Nutritionally oriented approaches have been extremely useful in treating depression and may have mechanisms similar to antidepressants but without the side effects.

Body work, such as holistic massage can alleviate both anxiety and depression by increasing a sense of quiet energy and internal centering. For more psychologically oriented conditions Hypnotherapy and Family Psychotherapy are also important treatments. Bringing energy blocks and psychological issues to the surface where they can be resolved more readily is the goal of many treatments.

Immune System Disorders and Pain Reduction
Almost all the modalities used in our practice have a beneficial effect on Immune System Functioning and Pain Reduction. Some modalities have shown great usefulness in reducing excessive slow wave activity associated with Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia,

Hyperbaric Oxygen is extremely useful for a number of conditions including HIV where it consistently lowers viral counts and suppresses symptoms.

Low Level Laser Therapy has been dramatically successful in reducing pain. We currently use three different low level lasers for pain control.

Schizophrenia (Experimental Protocol)
We are currently using two devices that have been reported to be effective at putting schizophrenia into remission. The Papimi, uses intense electromagnetic energy to raise bioavailable energy in the brain. Charles Wallach (now deceased) used the Papimi in clinical trials in the Philippines and reported over 90% of institutionalized schizophrenics went into complete remission following 8 weeks of treatment (3 times a week). He reported that treatment on the left hemisphere of the brain appeared to be the effective site for this work. Mr. Wallach's work does parallel other researchers findings that transcranial magnetic stimulation of the left cerebral hemisphere resulted in a decrease in reported hallucinations in a test group of schizophrenics. We are also in possession of a Rife device that was reported by Glen Curd of New Zealand, to effectively put schizophrenia into remission. This contact Rife device uses electrical pulsations and dietary changes to correct instability in the body's Apolarity. Mr. Curd runs a holistic health clinic in Auckland and reports that 100% of the schizophrenic sample he worked with responded very quickly to this treatment. No claims are made on the basis of these reports but we are interested in conducting clinical research with interested individuals.

Migraine Headaches
A number of the modalities we utilize have been very effective in reducing and eliminating symptoms associated with migraine headaches. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is dramatically effective in stopping migraine headaches in progress and may play a role in reducing the incidents of future attacks. It is been theorized that migraine headaches involve spasms in the arterial walls of blood vessels in the head associated with relatively depleted levels of oxygen in the tissue. HBOT rapidly increases partial oxygen levels in the tissues and resolves this spasms.

The Papimi has also been dramatically effective in stopping migraine headaches. In once instance in our office a client with a three year history of pain associated with brain surgery became pain free after one Papimi session.

Energy and Vitality Enhancement
A number of therapeutic systems currently used in our practice have shown significant value in increasing energy, healing and mental clarity in clients experiencing health related problems associated with the aging process. The Ondamed and Papimi make a dynamic combination that opens and balances the body and then adds in restorative energy for regenerative processes. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has proven to be extremely useful in issues of delayed healing and generalized malaise. The Irradia Laser has an excellent record of resolving issues of pain and promoting a healing environment in the body. Combining Therapeutic Healing and Holistic Massage and relaxing environment leaves many of our clients feeling restored and better able to face the challenges of life again.

Lyme Disease
Lyme Disease has become an epidemic in this country and is often misdiagnosed as Multiple Sclerosis, ALS or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Initial Lyme infections can be treated easily with antibiotics however once the bacteria has established itself in the body treatment is often difficult and long term in nature.

Because Lyme disease has such a powerful impact on all aspects of cognitive functioning and is often missed as a diagnosis we have made a significant investment in technologies and training that have been useful in treating this condition.

We are currently exploring the use of therapeutic lasers to energize the blood, stimulate immune system functioning and reduce pain associated with Lyme disease.

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