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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
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Do you choose treatments on the basis of an assessment procedure?

Yes. A typical assessment includes a history, QEEG (Quantitative Electroencephalograph), hearing assessment, visual field assessment, assessment of attention using a computerized test, and assessment using aspects of applied Kinesiology. We have recently included assessment with the MEAD (Meridan Energy Analysis Device) electro acupuncture system and the Strannik program.

In some cases an assessment might point towards a general underlying condition like deficits in attentional abilities. In this instance a number of interventions may be experimentally (HEG. Neurotherapy) either separately or in combination to find the most effective means of addressing the problem.

What kind of improvement can be expected in terms of school performance with children?

Each client is individual and it is difficult to make general statements. Several children have made remarkable gains following treatment going from the edge of academic failure to receiving A's and B's within several months.

What kind of gains are seen with severely impaired children with autism and developmental disabilities?

Generally we see improvements in language, social skills and a decrease in defensiveness associated with sensory over stimulation. Some children have done extremely well and go on to succeed in normal classrooms. It is extremely rare to see no improvement of any kind following treatment.

What is a typical course of therapy like?

Each client presents with unique challenges and the flow of therapy needs to respond accordingly. Generally speaking we begin with an evaluation to help us identify key issues that may be affecting a client's adjustment. At times this points to very specific treatments like Auditory Integration Training or Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. At other times we will begin working in one or two modalities and assess a client's response on a weekly basis.

Our center is somewhat unique in our emphasis on "centering" techniques to stabilize and support the course of therapy. In the past we have used body work and biofeedback devices like the Ondamed and Neurotherapy to help reduce the stresses associated with intensive psychological work. We are now developing a whole new series of techniques drawn from our experience with crystal technologies in Brazil and special vestibular innovations like the Symmatron Motion System and Light Shield. These treatments appear to dramatically reduce stress and increase a sense of harmony and energetic grounding in the body and mind.

Do the techniques you use take the place of psychotherapy?

It is important to realize that some of the innovative techniques we use are a form of psychotherapy that works on a deeper level then "talking therapy" alone. Modalities like Hypnosis, Cranio Sacral Therapy and Strannik are powerful tools that move deeply into the psyche and awaken the individual's own intuitive intelligence. These approaches can bring important personal material to the surface as they reconnect energies within the mind/body continuum. The result is a deeply transformative process that is in many ways an expression of the client's own inner map. This process of personal discovery can be powerful not only for the identified client but for the whole family network around them that must now relate to a person who is much more awakened and direct in their approach to life.

There are techniques we use that are quite helpful in the treatment of anxiety and depression that do not involve this degree of self exploration. When approached in this way modalities like AIT, Neurotherapy, Vestibular Stimulation and Ondamed can dramatically shift awareness into a more relaxed and open state that serves to facilitate a more traditional talking psychotherapeutic approach. Each therapeutic journey finds it's own rhythm according to the unique needs of each client.

Do these techniques assist in recovery from sexual abuse and traumatic stress conditions?

Therapeutic approaches that address physical and energetic restrictions are extremely powerful in stimulating healing in cases following trauma of any kind. Our goal is to develop a therapeutic approach that is deep, compassionate and as respectful of the client's need to put the pieces together for themselves.

What kind of improvements are seen when treating immune system dysfunctions like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

There is often an improvement in energy and clarity of thinking. Sleep tends to normalize and soft tissue pain often decreases.

Can the techniques you use be helpful even when there is a clear viral component to immune system dysfunctions?

Yes, a number of the modalities currently in use in my practice have been effective in restoring improved functioning even when a definite viral condition is present.

Are their any negative side effects from the technologically based treatments you are offering?

Side effects can occur but are temporary in nature. In general side effects are related to either detoxification reactions or neurological reorganization following treatment. In some cases emotional material that was held out of conscious awareness can come to the surface quite suddenly, and working with this therapeutically is very helpful. No lasting negative affect has been observed with any of the modalities used in my practice.

Will my insurance carrier pay for these procedures?

Some insurance carriers will pay for a number of the procedures outlined above. Every effort is made to obtain insurance reimbursement for clients receiving service.

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