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Carol Cunningham's Sunflower Press has specialized in miniature books since 1972 producing 38 limited editions. Many of the books come about as the result of an interest in learning about a new subject, often involving an ancient culture. Carol's original illustrations are done in watercolor, silk screen, lino cuts and zinc cuts, and are sometimes hand colored after printing. All books are printed letterpress and bound by hand with covers of cloth, suede cloth, velvets and silk brocades as well as leather and various papers.

THE SUN - An Alphabet

Written and illustrated by Carol Cunningham. This new miniature book utilizes each letter of the alphabet to illustrate and describe a word that relates to the sun. Many of these words describe an event, a human or god of mythology or history. Each left page describes the reference and each facing page its illustration. 2 7/8 x 2 7/8 inches; printed letterpress on Shadow Mold paper in Optima type face. Of 50 copies, the 40 standard copies are bound with yellow Japanese paper over boards with yellow sun label in black and red. Deluxe copies are out of print.


Peru, largest and greatest of Pre-Columbian civilizations, a culture surrounded in mystery, was rich in gold. This was the inspiration for this book, winner of the Distinguished Book Award in 1988 from the Miniature Book Society. 2 5/8 X 2 7/8 inches. Written and illustrated by Carol Cunningham. Remaining 8 copies (from an edition of 85) bound in llama patterned cloth.


A book inspired by a fabulous box made in England with a compass set into the cover. Written and illustrated by Carol Cunningham about the problems encountered by early voyagers trying to sail on the open seas without a compass. 2 1/2 X 2 1/2 inches. Bound in silvery grey fabric with paper label. Each box has a picture of a compass surrounding the actual compass. Only 11 copies remain.


Verse by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Twelve original watercolors by Carol Cunningham illustrate this wonderful, evocative poem. 2 7/8 X 2 7/8 inches. Bound in marbled paper from Moth Marblers. Each book is in a clamshell box by Joseph D'Ambrosio with inset picture of Kubla Khan on the cover. Only five books remain of a limited edition of fifteen.

Checks or money orders accepted
To order, contact: Carol Cunningham, Sunflower Press
64 Castle Rock Drive
Mill Valley CA 94947
(415) 383-0902

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