is a multinational communication, technology and energy project. Experiments, research and development are conducted in these areas in isolation, as well as, in areas where these fields overlap.

Ideally, in the realm of communication we would understand a universal language. Sometimes this goal is nearly achieved, for instance, the phrase -- "a picture tells a thousand words." Pictures, photos, graphics, music, videos, moving pictures and similar media often transcend language barriers. Currently, we reach multi-millions of viewers worldwide on a monthly basis through our network of communities. Overcoming language barriers is one of the goals at the top of our agenda. Global warming has inflicted irreversible damage on our environment, a consensus echoed by nearly all scientists. Indeed, climate change poses a profound challenge. Our planet is witnessing conditions that increasingly jeopardize human habitation. The critical question now is whether we can adapt swiftly enough. (Year: 1999)

Human-induced climate change is a dynamic component of an intricate and unordered system, as per chaos theory. This implies that global warming is accelerating exponentially in a complex manner. Over the period from 1992 to 2023, we have presented compelling evidence, proposed remedies to mitigate climate change, and amassed valuable information through the engagement of millions with this climate model. Your participation has been invaluable. The incontrovertible data underscores that human-induced climate change is rapidly deteriorating our habitat.

Our climate model / experiment employs chaos theory to comprehensively consider human impacts and projects a potential global average temperature increase of 9℃ above pre-industrial levels. Global warming is a consequence of elevated thermal energy in the climate system, which comprises various subsystems. Chaos theory underscores the intricate and nonlinear nature of dynamic systems. Human well-being is compromised above a 1.5-degree temperature rise, rendering much of the Earth uninhabitable. A 9-degree Celsius increase would bring the Earth close to a wet-bulb temperature incapable of sustaining human life.

What Can I Do? There are numerous actions you can take to contribute to saving the planet. Each person bears the responsibility to minimize pollution, discontinue the use of fossil fuels, reduce consumption, and foster a culture of love and care. The Butterfly Effect illustrates that a small change in one area can lead to significant alterations in conditions anywhere on the globe. Hence, the frequently heard statement that a fluttering butterfly in China can cause a hurricane in the Atlantic. Be a butterfly and affect the world.

What you can do today. How to save the planet.

Our Focus

Music as a Universal Language: Music has the power to communicate emotions universally. Certain melodies, harmonies, or rhythms can evoke specific feelings that resonate with people across different cultures and backgrounds.

ExperiMental Music: The music and lyrics are written and recorded extemporaneously. Extemporaneous, spontaneous, improvisation, jamming, freestyle, and impromptu music are most closely related to pure chaos. The music and lyrics evolve from the "sensitive initial conditions" similar to "a butterfly flapping its wings in China causing a hurricane in the Atlantic."

The Science of Chaos Theory, String Theory, and Music

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Minimizing Human Induced Climate Change

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