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Senior Life Insurance Settlements

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For Millions of life insurance policyholders, the purpose and value of their life insurance policy has changed in recent years. While they may have originally purchased the policy to provide for a beneficiary after their death, they now find that through the sale of their policy, the policy can be easily converted into cash or a series of cash payments.

The sale of an existing life insurance policy at a discount from the face value transforms what is often seen as a future asset, or a risk management tool for business, into a resource that can and should be managed as part of an overall financial plan.

A senior life settlement transaction can play a key role in the structuring of a financial plan that utilizes available investments and asset transfer options to maximize wealth. As senior life settlement transactions become more integrated into comprehensive estate and financial plans, policyholders will see greater value from their life insurance policies and begin to realize their goals more effectively. Some reasons for a senior life settlement transactions may include the following:

  • Change in Insurance Needs
  • An individual would like to free up extra money for long-term care insurance.
  • Key man coverage is no longer needed.
  • Buy Sell policies no longer needed
  • An individual would like to take advantage of other investment opportunities
  • An individual wishes to remove a policy from an estate as it is no longer needed for its intended purpose
  • A change in an individual's financial condition occurs so that the premium payments are no longer affordable.
  • An individual's policy has large loans against it, making the policy expensive to maintain
  • An estate has become highly liquid, and life insurance is no longer needed to pay estate taxes.
  • A reduction in estate size or a change in tax policy occurs, therefore reducing the insurance required to pay projected estate taxes.
  • Vanishing premium have reappeared.
  • An individual prefers to discontinue a current policy in favor of survivorship coverage
Realize an immediate gain from your future asset
A Senior Settlement is the sale of an existing life policy for an amount greater than the cash value as offered by the life insurance company. Selling your policy is a personal choice, but here are some reasons why you might want to look into this opportunity:

Changing financial conditions may make your policy premiums prohibitive. If this is the case, selling your policy is a more attractive option than decreasing coverage, using the cash value or simply letting your policy expire.

Changing Needs
Most of us hold policies to protect loved ones in the event of an early death. You may find a time when your loved ones are self-sufficient or benefactors on other policies. By selling your life policy, you can use these funds now to purchase long term care policies, annuities, retirement housing, home health care, assisted living or fund nursing home stays.

Changing Goals
Over time, you may want to accomplish other things with your life policy. You may want to use a senior settlement to increase your current standard of living. You may want to realize your retirement dreams such as traveling or building a vacation home. Or, you may wish to make a donation to your favorite charity, alma mater or church which may have an immediate need for the funds.

The Senior Settlement Process:
Senior Settlements are available for males over 70 and females over 75

  • You simply complete a short application and submit it to Our Office
  • A verification of coverage and medical information is immediately done and an offer is made to you.
  • All of this can be done within a couple of weeks!
  • You receive a distribution according to the offer.
  • There is no application fee or any other cost to you.

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