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High Limit Disability Income Insurance

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In todayís business environment, strong financial commitments are required among companies, partnerships, financial institutions, and employers. Many of these obligations are contingent upon the service of a key member of the organization. Therefore, the risk increases dramatically when a disability incurred by a key person impairs the organizationís ability to fulfill their financial commitment. The economic ramifications caused by a disability are essentially the same as those arising from death because the organization will experience temporary or even permanent financial hardship. With this in mind, Black Fox International offers a HIGH LIMIT DISABILITY program as vital protection for the continuation of the organization and its members.

Black Fox Internationalís HIGH LIMIT DISABILITY program, enables an organization to maintain its operations and performance by providing a safeguard against any loss associated with the extended absence or disability or a key individual. Typical coverageís include:

  • Employment Contracts
  • Key Individual
  • Performance Contracts
  • Venture Capital
  • Alimony Payments
  • Tax Shelters
  • Bank Loans
  • Business Overheld
  • Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Corporate Stock Redemption
  • Partnership Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Sole Proprietor (One man buy-out)
Personal Disability Coverages Available up to 80% of Earned Income Many employers offer group Long Term Disability (LTD) protection for their employees, however, these plans offer only limited protection for the top executives. Black Fox Internationals High Limit Disability Income products also protect a financial institution in the event a disability prevents the repayment of a loan. It serves a dual purpose: first, the borrower has the assurance repayment will be made and secondly, the institution does not jeopardize its cash flow position. Black Fox Internationals High Limit Disability Income Program offers:
  • Permanent Total Disability (Lump Sum) With a Minimum Elimination Period of 12 Months.
  • Total Disability With a Minimum Elimination Period of Thirty (30) Days. Minimum Benefits of $3,000 Per Month to a Maximum of $25,000 Per Month.
  • Residual Disability Coverage Available For an Additional Premium.
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