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DeckIT Professional Deck Spacers
For Cleaner, More Attractive Decks with Less Time and Effort

Product Information
Made of polypropylene, DECKIT deck spacers' durability and reusability make it extremely affordable. On average just four DECKITs are required to install 20' decking boards.

Note: DECKITTM deck spacers float! Dock builders will appreciate this!

About Deckit

DECKITTM Deck Spacers will help you achieve cleaner, more attractive decks with less time and effort than previously required.  These deck spacers/gapping devices work better than anything else currently on the market, and certainly better than nails.

1. Set DECKITTM professional deck spacers over the joists.
2. Slide the next board into place.
3. Fasten.


How it use DeckIT Deck Spacers

These Decks - Built with DECKITTM Professional Deck Spacers!

Photos of Decks built with DeckIT Deck Spacers

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