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First Annual Meeting at DeckEXPO 2005

Organizational Meeting - Feb. 4, 2005 Proposed Agenda

7:30-8:50 AM
Room 18/19, 1st Floor
Facilitator: Terry Dempsey

Welcoming Statement

Call to Order

Thanks to all nineteen individuals/companies with the seed $ 100.00+

Introduction of the Organizational Volunteers from the Steering Group:
Michael Beaudry
Terry Dempsey
George Drummond
Diana Hanson
John Mortimer

Reading of the "Anti Trust Statement"

Brief outline of what has been accomplished since Reno, NV 2004:
- Individuals who committed to push the ball "Up The Hill"
- Adoption of Name: North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA)
- Incorporating NADRA under the laws of Georgia
- Applied for Federal tax exempt status under provisions of Internal Revenue Code Section 501 c (6)
- Drafting of ByLaws
- Organize DeckExpo Booth & draft help to man
- Adopt LOGO from suggestions with prize
- Roll out of organization website:
- Propose an Initial Budget
- Recruit others in the industry
- Inform industry through articles in PDB
- Adopt PDB as NADRA's magazine
- Adopt DeckExpo as NADRA's "Show" and annual meeting place
- Adopt temporary procedure for authorizing funds from Seed money
- Scheduled meeting and agenda
- Scheduled BOD meeting and agenda

Vote to adopt ByLaws:
- Explanation of:
    - Boiler plate
    - Flexibility
    - First year only eight (8) Board members
    - BOD to establish Officers for first year

Vote for eight (8) Board of Directors (BOD)

BOD meeting - Friday - 2/4/05 @ 6:15PM - RM # 35

- Drafted by: John Mortimer Jan. 20, 2005