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Kitchen Countertop Refinishing

Why Replace It When It Only Needs A New Look?

Acrylic Finishes
When damage is scattered over the countertop, the finish is worn, or a color change is desired, it is more economical and efficient to refinish the countertop.

Existing laminate and ceramic tile countertops can be refinished in a matter of hours without the mess of a replacement job and at significant cost savings over replacement. The longevity of the refinished countertop should be equivalent to or exceed that of the original countertop.

Both gloss and satin finishes are available in a variety of options including a variety of solid and speckled colors, and now a revolutionary multi-stone finish.

Multi-Stone Finishes
Compare the beauty, natural look and proven performance of a Stone-Flecks Multi-Stone finish to expensive granite.

As it is applied, Stone-Flecks Multi-Stone forms a tough durable finish the provides superior protection for many years against impacts and abrasions that can shorten the life span of traditional laminate surfaces. The combination of quality and low cost makes Stone-Flecks Multi-Stone the best value for your remodeling dollar.

Another advantage of Stone-Flecks Multi-Stone non-porous finish is that it is highly resistant to acids and stains. Plus, you will never have to recondition or seal with Stone-Flecks Multi-Stone, unlike real stone surfaces. Stone-Flecks Multi-Stone Finishes retain their natural luster and are simply cleaned with soap and water.

Ceramic Tile
Refinishing your ceramic tile with a Multi-Stone Finish is more cost effective and involves less downtime than replacing.

The Multi-Stone Finish is non-porous, unlike traditional tile surfaces and grout lines. Refinishing your ceramic tile walls helps eliminate the likelihood of mold and bacterial growth making the surface safer for your family and guests.

With the waterproofing action of our Multi-Stone Finish, you no longer have to worry about regrouting and recaulking your ceramic tile, making it the best choice for a maintenance free, easy to clean finish.

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