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Deck Maintenance - Power Washing and Staining

Back To Nature also extends our services to the maintenance and preservation of new and old decks. Please contact us if we can be of assistance with mainteance of your deck, patio or other outdoor structures.

What maintenance is necessary to preserve a deck?
Power washing and staining. The same way you care for your car if it has been exposed to the elements of nature, you must care for your deck. Throughout the year your deck is exposed to acid rain, pollution, pollen, dirt, mildew, and sunlight, all of which are harmful to your deck. Without annual power washing and staining you are quickly decreasing the lifespan and beauty of your deck.

What is power washing?
Power washing is a high pressured water cleaning system that can deeply penetrate to flush out pollen, dirt, mildew, pollutants, etc. or can be done to simply clean the surface of your deck staining. However, if your deck is dirty, for example from muddy footprints, you can lightly wash the surface so the water won't penetrate and will simply remove the surface dirt.

How often should you power wash your deck?
You should power wash annually and follow with staining. However, if your deck is dirty, for example from muddy footprints, you can lightly wash the surface so the water won't penetrate and will simply remove the mud.

Why is it important to follow power washing with staining?
Staining is important because it is your deck's protection from the elements. Once your deck is stained, it is sealed to lock out acid rain which breaks down the wood and produces an ideal environment for mold and mildew. Over time, without protection, the wood will rot and split.

Staining also enhances the beauty and luster of your deck. You can preserve the natural look of your deck with a clear solution or you add color by using a semi-transparent, semi-solid, or a solid stain. There are an infinite amount of beautiful natural and brilliant custom colors you can choose from and the best part is, you don't have to choose just one! If you like you may have a multi-colored deck with natural and custom colors.

When is the best time of year to power wash and stain your deck?
Power washing can be done any time as long as the temperature is above freezing day and night or throughout the duration of the job and drying time. This is to avoid freezing water in pipes, hoses, on the deck and surrounding areas, and to prevent injury due to slipping.

Staining should be done as soon as the deck is dry from power washing. The longer you wait the more dirt, pollen, pollution, etc. returns to your deck. The temperature needs to be above 52 degrees in order to dry and seal properly. Some products are different than others so determining the appropriate staining time necessary.

Is there any other maintenance or up-keep that can be done?
Yes. Before we stain we determine if sanding is necessary. Sanding will smooth out any rough and splintering surfaces on your deck. We also fix loose boards and replace rotted and split ones. If your flooring has been nailed down, we go through and hammer any raised nails.

Is my deck the only surface that can be power washed?
No. We also power wash fences, most outdoor wood surfaces, aluminum siding, stucco, brick, patios, walkways, driveways, outdoor furniture, etc. All of these come out looking brand new. All of your outdoor wood surfaces once power washed are ready for staining just like your deck.

As a deck owner what do I need to know to prepare for maintenance?

  1. Remove all furniture, plants, toys, etc. off the deck prior to our arrival.
  2. Securely close any and all doors and windows that surround the deck prior to power wash.
  3. Once power washing is complete, do not enter deck area until the staining/sealing process is also complete. (If so, any marks left on the deck may be sealed and will show).
  4. Once staining/sealing is complete drying times vary with different products, do not enter the deck area until directed.

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