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John Curtis:

He owns a video production company and has recently been helping shoot live action footage for commercial web use ... and the full length version of "The Labyrinth." In fact, he has shot footage for "The Man Over There" by the "Snake Handling Immortal Tongue Speakers".

Jeffory is attempting to play with a logo for philanet.

Here is the email:

Can someone whip up a red, white, and blue philanet logo?
The size of a banner bar would be great... and say no more than 12k?
Also, I posted a quick and dirty philanet at /home/jeffory/philanet.gif.
Does anyone have a color image of a US flag? I could use this as an environmental map on the face of the logo. It would look NEAT!

Oak asks....

Can one of you answer a quick question? I wanted to know if you allow CGI script on your server? (I just learned some really cool stuff in Perl, but I do know how much the same Java and CGI are.) Let me know.

The lab VRML is corrupted. Apparently the license on my maker ran out and didn't tell me. It will corrupt all saved files until it is renewed. (Wish I had known that.) I am looking into getting a different editor anyway, probably with the computer.

I now have a cd burner, a scanner, a slide maker and reader (I mean the little square film kind you put into a slide projector and torture your friends.), and a really cool Monty Python screen saver cd. (nevermind the last one.) Also, I just landed a deal to do some work at a virtual mall. If we get a decent logo, maybe I can swing us a free slot. (Don't quote me on that.)

We Won't!

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