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An interested party...

Hi There! Sorry, I don't know your name but it's Nick here from New Zealand.

I would like to help promote your project here in New Zealand. There are alot of radio stations here and T.V. music programs and a few music magazines. I also know a few record distributors here. I am based in Auckland which has a population of about 1.2 million and the total population of New Zealand is 3.7 million. So, I am based were it's all happening.

I also know of a few contacts in Australia.

Its no problem to help. Just get back to me with what you would like to know or do.

Not a problem

Nick Reid

Sign 'em up!

Help replies...

Sounds great...
We can add you to our multimedia email list so that you can get the idea of what we are doing.

Also, we'll send you out a vhs or cdrom of a couple of the efforts to this point... which would be better?

We would like to have a home page for you so that we can add your name to Do you know html?... if not, just send your bio via email.

Sidd replies to Oak...

The biggest differences between Java and CGI programming is that:
1)CGI runs on the server machine. So, a programmer who writes a bad cgi will screw up his own server and not the browser, and
2)Java runs on the browsers machine. So, a malicious applett will screw up the browser machine, or can be used to subvert the browser machine to launch attacks on other machines.

So .. we haven't seen any lawsuits yet .. but we will ...

In addition, regardless of claims from Sun and Netscape both Java and Javascript have more security holes than a sieve.

Javascript cannot be disabled on versions of Netscape prior to 2.02, and the later versions of Netscape are not too stable.

Your point about html I agree on. We must write html compliant code and stay away from extensions that are introduced by Netscape and lately Microsoft. Also recall that html 3 is still in draft, so we ought to stick to html 2.

Thanks Sidd!

Help replies to Willie...

You are right. We need your help in a big way. However, the organization of your stuph is not clear to me.

What is where, etc... as webmaster this makes it hard. If you and capn let me know what is where, we can make an index page to is all! Right now I can find no .mov or mpeg files anywhere. Can you convert to these things? That would be awesome, and I will mount any clips you like on to the web tree so that everyone can ftp them.


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