Everything Goes To Zero
written by Jim Berry
Did you ever wonder why you never have enough money? You seem to be making
more & you hear that the Economy is doing great. $7.00 an hour jobs
multiplied by the millions adds up to one Fantastic Economy.

Having studied Money & Finance for many years I long ago came to the
conclusion that everything goes to Zero. This fact has been theoretically
constructed & actually been laid down by the Laws & both God & Man. It comes
as both a shock and surprise to the unsuspecting when the individual
realizes the true end game.

Is it any wonder why you never seem to get ahead? The Bills just don't stop
coming. You can balance the checkbook but you find that it is pretty easy to
balance a zero account.

Or do you have a hefty balance in the Budget but the inter company transfers
don't seem to reach you in time to pay the bills. The News reports speak of
surpluses and you wonder to yourself -
what is wrong with me and the money I control? Am I out of balance - out of
the Norm?

By Design the answer is the same for every individual and company. If you
have one dime more than someone else - the other person is jealous and
envious of you and wants that dime for themselves.

Think of it this way - you spend every last nickel for a down payment for
the Best House that you can afford. You spend the next 30 years eating less
than nutritional foods so that you can pay the Mortgage. By the time that
30th year has arrived you are now free of Mortgage Debt - but now you seem
to be getting hit left and right with goodly repair bills on that Dream
House. When do you ever get ahead?

These facts are true for 93% of the population - at a minimum.

The other 7% have other problems.

How do I transfer my wealth to the children without getting hit with
substantial estate taxes when I am pushing daisies under the ground? Well -
I could spend a lot of money on Professional fees to try to avoid the

Now let's say that you succeed in transferring that wealth. You pass it
through to your sons & daughters. Now they are happy. They have all of this
money and they are 21 years old. They buy the 1st and most expensive car
that they can buy. Then they take a series of trips. In a few short years
they have blown all of the money that you worked so hard for. Even without
the "greedy kids syndrome" there are no guarantees.

Right now and at this point wouldn't you really like to have a nice &
expensive dinner somewhere instead of sitting home and eating a hot dog and
some gruel?

These facts are also true of Businesses, Governments & Nations.

I don't care which way you try to split it the end game is still the same.

Ask yourself this question - Who Owns the United States of America? Do you
know? If you don't - find out - I think the answers will surprise you. Maybe
we should call ourselves the United States of Euro America.

When you ask yourself - as an individual - why do I never have enough money;
do you think it is any different when "Big Business" asks itself the same
thing. For them the stakes are much higher and the problems are much more
difficult. It doesn't get easier on the way up - it gets harder. Care to
step it up a notch and try the end game at a higher level?

When a big company tells the investors that they have $5 billion dollars in
cash on their balance sheet - did you ever ask to actually see this money in
all of the combined checkbooks?

The answer almost exclusively is that there are a series of inter company
transfers of funds to make it look like the money is there.

In small business it is called check kiting but in big business it is called
a float.

There are many twists and turns to these questions but I can guarantee you
that there is no Peace On Earth when it comes to Money & Finance.