YOU - The Unique Business Person
written by Jim Berry
Just as a mother knows no boundaries or depths to which she would go for her
child, so it is true of you as a the unique business person. You have a
unique path to follow and it has been designed for only you to follow. No
one else can follow this path. No one else can walk in those same steps.

While we were sitting for lunch one day in a small restaurant a very old man
told me that you must follow your path - one step at a time - one foot in
front of the other. He continued on - if you veer to the right or left - you
run into trouble. That's the way life is. Make no mistake about it. It is
just as true in the business world.

The only one who can follow your path is you. You can choose not to follow
it but then life will be a bit emptier because the imprints were right in
front of you and now they are unfilled. The step was missed and the song
skipped a beat. The music still plays on but the other dancers feel that the
beat was off. The moment was lost and will never be recaptured again. There
was no sound for that moment. The imprint vanished and we all lost because
of it.

You have a responsibility in this age of - take no responsibility - to
follow your path. You wonder why you are not at peace with yourself or
unsettled. It is because you are doing everything possible not to accept the

There is an old joke that women tell and it sort of brings out my point. The
joke goes like this. If a man says something in a forest and there is no one
there to hear him - is he still wrong? The point is that if you don't walk
your path no one will benefit from your uniqueness and we will feel as
though we were not there to experience you.

Believe it or not you are important and we need you in the band. I don't
care if your role in life is to be a bum on the street or the president -
you have to follow that path.

As you go through life the path becomes more obvious and there really is
little you can do to avoid it.

We are all in this together and since I am a business person I take this
concept and apply it to business. As a part of the organization - whether it
is a family business or some other organizational structure - the business
wheel won't run right if you don't add to it. You won't have done your part
and we will all suffer.

We need you to be the most unique person & business person that you can be.
Your input is one of a kind. Nobody but nobody can do it like YOU.