The Real Y2K Problem
written by Jim Berry
Folks - the FIX is in. Billions of dollars have been spent on "fixing" the
Y2K problem. Be careful that billions more will not be taken from the
consumer and business marketplaces by way of artificially inflating prices
supposedly associated with the Y2K problem.

You might see increases in oil, gas, electric, food, commodities and
services because they are somehow related to the Y2K fix.

Shortly you might hear on the News that distribution costs are being
increased to "recover" from the billions spent on the fix. It could be
reported that there is no way to avoid including these recovery costs as
they are significant.

The Federal Government has allocated and spent huge amounts of money on the
Y2K fix. The money has to come from somewhere. In fact some people helping
to fix the problem have become very wealthy people. Problem solving pays

Where does that leave you - the individual? It means that you will be paying
for the Y2K fix for quite some time to come - not just on 1/1/00. This date
is only the beginning.

I can almost guarantee you that you will see increased costs associated with
the Y2K fix. Some of the costs will be real and some of the costs will be
artificial. It depends on what coffer the money is needed in. Get ready for
the shift and your fleecing.

Rising interest rates could be proclaimed to be a result of the Y2K fix. The
Fed wants to slow the economy anyway so why not use the fix as the reason to
increase interest rates.

Whenever gas & oil prices rise - the economy slows. Look at our prices at
the pump right now. Does anyone care to take a guess at where we are

Using the Y2K fix for the blame factor could prove a handy answer for the

You will hear that "nothing could be done about it - we were forced into it".

How can you avoid the results of the Y2K fix? You can't - as I said in the
beginning - The FIX is in.

Actually the world is controlled by only a few people. It is a select group.
You are not allowed in. We are really just dog meat.

When these people decide on a course of action - we ask them - where do we
stand on the stage during the acting out of the play. And - please X my spot
so that I don't make a mistake and have to pay for it.

Consider yourself lucky if you get a speaking part. The pay is better.