The Realist
written by Jim Berry
Having been around business for the past 21 years from the street level,
corporate level & governmental level & from local through international
levels, I have come to the conclusion that you've got to be a Realist.

We are all interconnected in one way or another. Nobody gets away wif nofin'.
You might think you do but there is always somebody who knows. Always.

We live in a very sophisticated age. The levels are beyond our individual

If you are not aware that your every bodily function, including your brain
waves, can be monitored, analyzed, adjusted or disturbed on a 24 - 7 basis
you are not a Realist.

You are on this Earth as part of the Whole. If you choose to think otherwise
you will be dealt with accordingly.

There are many things we do not know and, as a society, are better off for
it. Knowing what really goes on around you can be insidious and shake you to
the bone.

You might think you want to know but you will find out that you are

Each of us has a set of functions to perform in life. We are, to varying
degrees, professionals at these functions. We should not try to go into
areas in which we are amateurs. At first, it might seem exciting but the
unchartered waters will envelop you. This is why we shield the children.

Einstein was a genius in his area. Then he tried to become a genius in
religion - he failed.

Know what you are good at and supposed to do and stick to it. You have a
path to walk in life. You can choose to ignore it but it is always there for
you to follow. If you decide to ignore your path - you will always be lost.

So when you get the urge to be nosey and find yourself somewhere where you'
re not supposed to be - don't be surprised at what happens. Don't wonder
where the fear came from. The weight is uncompromising. You will need to be
de programmed with drugs to try to wipe it out of your conscious and
subconscious. Even then, most of the time, it resurfaces. You will be scared
out of your wits.

It's a long road and you will get there if you stick, specifically, to it.
Know your place and take it a day at a time.

During my career I have given more verbal sedatives than you can imagine. I
have found that people need limits and need to know where the "NO" is. They
will take the situation right up to the "NO" and not go any farther. Then
they feel good and happy.

Today we are "cubicalized" and maybe that's good. That way we know our

I have meet a fair amount of people at the "Top" who control the cubicles
and have found that these people have to struggle with some weighty issues.

It ain't all it's cracked up to be at the Top. Yes they have the power but
it is interconnected to others with power and it gets a bit messy. Those who
work on the edge of the future sacrifice everything for that next inch.

The U.S. has it's fair share of problems - but I have been to different
parts of the world and the U.S. is a far sight better than anywhere on this

So when you get to thinking that the whole world is dumping on you just
realize that, for the moment, you are the bird and not the windshield.

And when you get to thinking that the whole world is nothing but the Devil's
Workshop keep in mind that you've got to talk to the Devil to know what's on
his mind and that you really have the rest of us to bring you back into the