The Right "Fit" in Business
written by Jim Berry
Some people I meet in business are in the wrong job and they don't even know it. They seem to have been pushed along into their current work for all of the wrong reasons.

Just as an article of clothing has to "fit" or feel right so does the choice of one's life work have to feel right or "fit". People don't always recognize this.

Let's say that you get a promotion. The new position requires totally different skills than any position that you have ever had. You come to the conclusion that the new skills that you need don't feel right to you and they just don't "fit".

At your former positions you excelled. In your new position you are a catastrophe. You were once a winner. Everybody loved you for your performance. Now no one wants to be around you because everything you do in your new position turns out as a terrible mess. People start avoiding you. You are no longer the wonder person.

What do you do?

You have to reassess where you went wrong and get back on the right track. This is sometimes difficult to do because you had been told that you could do anything. That's not true. You can't be an expert at everything. You spread yourself too thin and find yourself in unfamiliar waters.

Your ego might be bothered for a bit. No one wants to think that they are not capable of doing some type of task. Don't worry about it. After a while you'll be glad you made the change back to doing what you do best. And that's what you're here for.