The Fat Cat
written by Jim Berry
For the past 21 years, I have been dealing with people & businesses and their
finances. Through this experience I have learned 2 constants - the more you
make, the less you keep & the more you make, the more expensive things are.

Most people would think that a person making $750,000.00 in a year is a FAT
CAT. I have found that the Fat Cat is actually, most of the time, worse off
than a person making $75,000.00 per year.

Why do I think this?

The answers are common sense and deal with High Expenses & Diminishing

The Fat Cat has 2 problems: he thinks he has the money to buy whatever he
wants and he buys like there's no tomorrow - at more expensive prices; he is
in higher tax brackets so the dollars he makes cost him more to make.

The average person gets an oil change for $27.95. Every time the Fat Cat
brings his car to the shop it costs him $1,000.00. After all, the Fat Cat can
afford it - right?

I know one Fat Cat who, whenever he gets a bill from the IRS that is under
$1,000.00, just pays it. He doesn't want to be bothered with the trivia.

If the average person is taxed at roughly 70% to 80% of their gross income -
considering the thousands and thousands of taxes that we have - what room is
left for the Fat Cat?

Look at the biggest Fat Cat - the Federal Government.

It spends Trillions of dollars.

Why does a toilet seat cost the Defense Department $1,500.00?

When a Congressman gets on TV and states that they were only $200 million
dollars over budget on a project and goes onto to say that it is no
problem - we just absorb it. The government can afford it - right?

A few hundred million here, a few hundred million there - no problem - we
can solve any disaster or any other problem by throwing money at it. And
whatever the Feds don't have - simple - they borrow it. Now that's what I
call problem solving.

And if the Fed can't pay the interest they steal it from the debtor. New
laws - new leaders - that sort of thing.

Remember when you were a child and you were playing with blocks? Did you
ever get the triangular block to fit into the circular hole?

Back around 1914 when we had a 1/2% income tax, that was supposed to be
temporary, the Fed was putting most of the blocks in the right holes.

Today the Fed must have mushy blocks. You know - the soft foamy kind - those
triangles can fit into those circular blocks. Welcome to the 2 thousands.

And I thought that all of the Laws of Economics were already written!

If you have common sense you are probably a person who can smell whether a
person has money or not. If you find that he has the money - the price
usually goes up. Right?

Most of you are just average people so I am writing to you.

Smell that Fed money folks. Get the mushy blocks so you can fit the
triangles into the circles.

You're not going to make them reduce taxes. Taxes are here to stay. We are
well beyond tax reduction and it's time for a new game.

Change the channel. Adjust the volume. Get into another chair.

The last thing you want to be is a Fat Cat. Fat Cats get stuck and can't get
through the fish net. The System makes sure of this.

Be just a little guy and get as many triangles and squares as you can to fit
into your circle.

Take it back down to zero. You'll be better off. You came into life this way
and the System will make sure you leave life this way.

Keep that circle rollin' along down the middle of the road in the middle of
the journey.

And remember - small circle small problems - big circle big problems.