Go To The Casino
written by Jim Berry
They always told you "cash is king" but you can't seem to get enough of it. Everybody wants to buy from you but few are willing to pay - on time. Everyday there is another "great deal" to buy that will put you further in the hole. You're trying to get some answers.

Your accountants are little help. They want to talk about the past and what you've already done. Their reports are on very fine paper stock and you've got to admit - the past was a great time to live.

Your financial analysts want to give you 6 month to 1 year projections but the bills are due today. At least their reports are in full laser color. "...you've got a very good point there...", you tell them. But you need more than 1 point to win.

You are "the man" or "the woman". The "buck stops here" for you but deer season is over.

What do you do? Go to the Casino.

Roll 'em and see what happens. If you're on a roll that night - go back to work the next day and keep it rollin'.

If you're not on a roll at the tables - go back into work the next day and keep you're money deep in your pockets. It doesn't matter what anybody says - take your money off the table.

Or - go to another table. The other dealer might have had shaved dice and you'd never win anyway.

Lady Luck might just be a moment away. Give it a roll. Use your pocket change at first. Keep the big bucks for the 3rd & 4th rolls. When you lose twice in a row...change tables again.

Otherwise - LET 'EM ROLL !