The Actuary
written by Jim Berry
You've got to watch out for the quiet ones. They go unnoticed, do a quiet
job and work behind the scenes. The Actuary works with numbers and basically
figures out the best way to extract monies or some other good or service
from the general public with no notoriety.

The rest of us are busy going about the activities of our day's work -
trying to make money to pay the bills and hopefully put some money away for
investment purposes.

The Actuary tries to make sure that we exist at the least common denominator
of existence. They try to figure out the - right numbers to use - so that
they will be palpable to the rest of us so that we will buy into their game.

There are government actuaries, insurance actuaries, international actuaries
etc. - you get the picture - there are actuaries for everything that there
is substantial, en masse monies, goods or services involved.

After the Actuary sets up the correct numbers the game continues. Laws are
enacted to back up and reinforce the numbers. So - the best thing that you,
as an individual, can do is to follow along with the laws because if you don
't - you are wrong. After all a law is right and if you don't follow it and
obey it you are wrong and are punished for it. This is one way how laws are
made up for people to follow.

But it really starts with the Actuary. They are the ones who SET UP the
whole scenario. They are given the final numbers to reach and work backwards
to figure out how the yellow brick road can be set up to justify the end
conclusions. The Actuary provides the means.

Meanwhile the rest of us are feed what amounts to watered down garbage in
News Briefs about what Hillary Clinton is wearing today.

You've got to watch the quite ones. You can be guaranteed that if you are
being feed something on the News - it is really not the true reality that is
taking place. The hidden agencies will never let you know the truth.

I very much respect our people in the Defense of the U.S. They are in
constant touch, via extremely sophisticated telecommunications satellites,
with the "whispers" that take place at integral levels around the world. You
will never hear from them but in a very real reality they are true heroes of
our time.We would be scared to death at how much they really know and how
much is going on behind the scenes.

The political agenda, however, is to set up the "good guys" and the "bad
guys" for us to love and hate. I feel like I'm watching the Cowboys and the
Indians as I did when I was a child. Do you want to wear the "white hat or
the black hat"? It's really about that simple.

Imagine all of those things you thought were true in your mind. You've
always questioned them that they can't be true. Guess what? They are true.

Your "gut" told you what was right from the beginning. You had to analyze
it, dissect it, regurgitate it, take in new "information" but you always
back to the same conclusion - you were right from the get-go.

But this has nothing to do with your money, goods or services and that's
where you have to watch the quite ones.

The Actuary - it's a boring job except for those with the mind set to do it.
They study long and hard to do the work they do. A number of them die alone
and desolate after they realize what they have really done to people within
the sanctity of their think tanks.

The enormous consequences of their numbers are astounding.

Then comes the point in time when the Actuary comes full course from his
theoretical constructs to reality when they realize that they just caused
that lady down the street her life, or their mother or father, for example.
In point of fact when they get older they become a liability to those that
they are working for. They "know too much" as must be expended to reduce
their liability.

That's when the "I'm sorry" or "Can you forgive me for what I've done" comes
woefully out of their mouths. "What have I done to these people?".

Folks - that's the way it works. Next please...

Killing one person is a crime but killing masses of people is just a

The Actuary - you've gotta' love 'em.

Lotto anyone?