Physical Sales
written by Jim Berry
I just coined that phrase. Physical Sales. What does it mean?

There is no substitute for Physical Sales. There are a lot of sales people who can't (or won't) do it. These sales people spend hours on the phone trying to make that next sale. They wouldn't even think of going to meet with the potential customer. They would rather sit in the quiet of their offices and dial that phone.

So what is Physical Sales? It is getting in front of the customer. Meeting them face to face. You'd be surprised what can happen. They customer gets a sense of you and you get a sense of the customer.

As you walk through the shop with the customer you are asking questions. Do you do this? Do you do that? What is this sitting on the floor? The customer will quickly realize that you are about doing business. They like that. Then comes the potential. Because you are meeting with the customer they ask you..."can you do this or can you get me that?..." Of course the answer is YES! You will do what you have to to try to make the customer happy. You discovered what they wanted, you find the need and you solve their problem.

Meanwhile - back at the ranch - the other sales people are still on the phone trying to get an order.

In a relatively short period of time, we will advance into on-line visual internet meetings for the masses. It will still not be a substitute for a FACE TO FACE MEETING. Guaranteed!

The customer has to like you to do business with you. They could deal with 100 other sales people.

Physical Sales - try it - and don't forget to smile!