The Jongleurs' sophomore album was entitled Five People. The band was never known for creative lyrical content. After the debut album, there was hope that the act would improve. No such luck. This album was marred with lyrics, such as:
"I'm hungry, I'm horny, I'm homely, and all I eat is balogna."

"Now very speedwise, I grab the whips and chains, but people never know they think I'm gooder."

"I love my Big 60's I got from Winn Dixie they got Mark Martin sporting a black Chevy. They may look kind of crude but they put me in the mood and I'll be damned if they ain't my favorite food. Lemon filled love, sweet vanilla cream, fudge filled madness is my wet dream."

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The C.D. included the following tracks:

1. Welcome to Wal-Mart (Michael Stegner)

2. One Happy Day in a Midwestern Country Town (Matt Glassmeyer)

3. Peeing in the Pool (Michael Stegner)

4. Phlegm (Matt Glassmeyer)

5. Pizza for Brains (Michael Stegner)

6. Newspeak (Matt Glassmeyer)

7. Calculator (Michael Stegner)

8. Glasdme (The Jongleurs)

9. I Think I'm Gonna Die (Michael Stegner)

10. Save Me (Eric Hastings, Forrest Giberson, Michael Stegner)

Scat solo by Josh Sclar.

11. Big 60's (Matt Glassmeyer, Eric Hastings)

12. Indians (Matt Glassmeyer)

13. If I Only Had a Canoe (Matt Glassmeyer)

14. Everybody Wants to be a Jongleurs (Michael Stegner)

The band has since disbanded. The CD is no longer available.

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