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DULUX EL Compact
Fluorescent Family

The most compact, brightest, fastest, compact fluorescent lamps around.
The new SYLVANIA SOFT WHITE DULUX EL lamps offer your customers the most compact, brightest, and fastest starting family of compact fluorescent lighting available anywhere. These revolutionary state-of-the-art lamps combine high performance with excellent energy efficiency and are the perfect choice for a wide variety of applications.

High Lumens produce the whitest and brightest light.
The SYLVANIA SOFT WHITE DULUX EL has the highest lumen rating of any compact fluorescent on the market. Registering a 3000' Kelvin color temperature, this powerful lamp produces a
white, bright, clear light similar to halogen lighting and is brighter than the incandescent it replaces. This helps bring out the true colors of fabrics and furnishings, while flattering skin tones.

Versatile light source.
The triple tube design in the SYLVANIA DULUX EL lamps distributes light symmetrically, making them an ideal replacement for table lamps, recessed lighting fixtures, enclosed outdoor fixtures or almost anywhere incandescent bulbs can be used.

Instant on.
Thanks to advanced technology, the SYLVANIA SOFT WHITE DULUX EL compact fluorescent lights instantly. No waiting, no flicker.

Extra long-life.
SYLVANIA SOFT WHITE DULUX EL compact fluorescent lamps are easy on the environment. At 10,000 hours average lamp life, a general purpose SYLVANIA DULUX EL lamp lasts 13 times longer than a comparable 750 hour incandescent.

Excellent energy savings.
SYLVANIA DULUX EL compact fluorescent lamps are the economical and environmentally friendly choice for consumers looking for superior performance and energy-efficiency. A SYLVANIA SOFT WHITE DULUX EL general purpose compact fluorescent lamp can save more than 70% in energy compared to incandescent bulbs of comparable light output. When used in a standard table lamp it can save up to $67 over standard incandescent bulbs over the lamp's life.

Three bright lighting types.
DULUX EL General Purpose Available in 15, 20, and 23 watts, this versatile compact fluorescent lamp provides high-efficiency lighting in
sconces, table lamps, ceiling fixtures, security lighting and a variety of other applications where customers want bright, natural light, long lamp life and energy savings.

DULUX EL Decorative Globe
Finished in an elegant opal color, this decorative, plastic, light-weight globe evenly distributes the warm, bright light of 15 or 20 watt SYLVANIA DULUX EL fluorescent lamps. The attractive appearance of this innovative light source makes it an ideal choice for swag type fixtures in dining areas, downlights, bathroom mirrors, and other places where your customers want something really special in lighting.

THE DULUX EL Directional Reflector
SYLVANIA DULUX EL directional lamps offer your customers the energy-saving advantages of a SYLVANIA DULUX EL compact fluorescent lamp in a high performance parabolic reflector. Available in 15 and 20 watts, SYLVANIA DULUX EL directional reflector lamps last up to four times longer and operate with 70% less energy than ordinary directional reflectors. This makes them an excellent choice for hard to reach track and downlighting applications.

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