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Golf tournament information "PUTTING CONTEST"

** We cover Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Northeast Maryland **

The Cost to the Tournament Director for this program is as follows:

$150 for $1,000 maximum payout
$250.00 for $2,500.00 maximum payout

golf tournaments Rules Explanation - Each player gets 2 shots from 10 feet. If player makes one of them, player moves on to the next level. Player then takes one shot from 25 to 30 feet. If player makes that, player is a finalist. All finalists come back at the end of the tournament to attempt a shot from 55 feet. If player makes the shot, player wins the jackpot. If more than 1 finalist makes the shot, the jackpot is split evenly.

Pricing is good up to 160 players. Above 160 players prices will increase.

A representative from our company will be present at your tournament for
the "Putting Contest". Prizes are awarded on the spot.

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