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Golf World Tournaments

Golf tournament information $10.00 "FUN HOLE" EXPLANATION
** We cover Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Northeast Maryland **

The "Fun Hole" is $10.00 per person and offers the following prizes:

golf tournaments If the golfer gets a Hole-in-One - The Grand Prize is awarded, A Car or Cash Prize. ($5,000 cash minimum, can be raised to a higher amount at an additional cost.)

prizes If the golfer gets within a Grip Length of the hole (about 12") - he is awarded a set of irons or travel bag.

hole-in one coverage If the golfer gets within a Club Length of the hole (about 40") - he is awarded a brand new Golf bag or a putter.

golf equipment If the golfer gets within a Flag Stick of the hole (about 6ft) - he is awarded a choice of prizes that include a Shag Bag, or an Umbrella, or a Set of Club Gloves.

golf trips Just for getting on the Green - the golfer will receive a Sleeve of golf balls (3 balls).

golf trips Just for showing up, all golfers get a club cleaning brush.

Nobody walks away empty handed

A representative from our company will be present at your tournament for
the "Fun Hole". Prizes are awarded on the spot.

Golf World Toumaments can offer Hole-in-One Prize Coverage for
amounts anywhere from $1,000 to $50,000.
(Higher amounts available upon request)

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