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Golf World Tournaments

** We cover Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Northeast Maryland **

Agreement made this ______ day of __________,between Golf World Tournaments,
(hereinafter referred to as GWT,) and the Tournament Director of the
Tournament known as ________________________________________________
and hereinafter referred to as the Tournament, whereas the
parties hereto agree as follows:
     1.   That the Tournament is having a Golf Tournament and
outing on;

          Date:  ____________________

          Time:  ____________________

          Place: ____________________

          Number of Players: ________

     2.   The name of the Director is: __________________________
That a non refundable deposit in the amount of $ ___________ shall
be paid to GWT, and the balance of all funds due will be paid in
cash or certified check on the date of the Tournament as outlined
     3.   GWT will provide the following service for the
following fees as agree hereto:

          a.   Hole in One Prize $ _______________________________

          b.   Fun Hole $ ________________________________________
          c.   Prizes $ __________________________________________

          d.   Other $ ___________________________________________

     4.   Tournament Director personally, individually and
jointly along with the Tournament, agree to be bound by the terms
of this contract as stated herein, and that the Tournament
Director is responsible to notify the golf course that GWT will
be providing Hole-in-One prize coverage for the Tournament as
outlined herein. 

Tournament Director             Golf World Tournament, Inc.

___________________             ___________________________
BY:                             BY: WALTER GRZELAK

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