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"Amish School House," copyright, February, 1993 (State Museum of Pennsylvania collection)

"Barn Yard Buggies," copyright, March, 1989

"Sunset On A Country Road," copyright, October, 1989

"Corn Stalks, Steeple and Silo," copyright, October, 1994

"Fill'er Up!" copyright, March, 1989

"Dead Letter File," copyright, July, 1992

Bicycling through the back roads of Pennsylvania's Amish Country first inspired me to take on this project. The countryside is so quiet and open -- the slow pace allows plenty of time to meet the people and to take in the landscape. Later, I return with my cameras to make photographs.

As many people know, the Amish shy away from being photographed. In fact, their religion prohibits them from posing. I've always done my best to respect their wishes. Instead, I look to the landscape to tell their story and to celebrate their way of life.

Hopefully, my photographs reveal more than the aesthetic of this vast and threatened land; but, also, serve to heighten our awareness of these gentle people, and to reinforce their right to the Old Ways.

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