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Yoga Chikista. What is it? How to adapt your yoga practice to accommodate injuries or physical limitations.

All Asana practices are not created equal. And all Asana practices are not for everyone. Understanding your body needs through general Asana practice is just the first step in learning how to bring greater vitality and wellness to yourself for your life long journey. Generally, in a public class of 10 or more people, a yoga practitioner cannot address the individual needs of someone injured or someone with physical limitations, with full attention. Even if you alert your instructor of your physical limitation you still put yourself at risk for further injury or discomfort if you attend a public class with an injury, without an evaluation of your physical limitation.. Yoga Chikista is the study and practice of yoga for you individual needs to create maximum health and vitality. It is a one on one session with you and a teacher. All yoga is therapeutic but, not all types of yoga are therapeutic for everyone.

The theory and practice of Yoga Chikista may vary depending on which lineage of yoga you consult. Vini-Yoga, Iyangar Yoga and Phoenix Rising Yoga, are just a few traditions which dedicate the practice of yoga (or asana practice) towards meeting the individual needs of the student Having an Asana practice tailored to your individual needs requires a practitioner of yoga to become familiar with your particular body alignment needs, your breathing characteristics and your overall health history. Typically an initial private yoga session should include a health history intake, some experimentation with yoga props and postures, home work, and then finally the practitioner watching your progress with this practice over a series of weeks or months.

Aside from the use of yoga postures or asana practice to create wellness, ancient breathing practices to awaken Prana (energy) called Pranayama can also be prescribed based on the energetic needs of your body. Certain Pranayama breathing techniques can be very helpful for stress and insomnia. Similar to how an acupuncturist will read the energetic pulses of your body and prescribe treatment. A practitioner rooted in the tradition of Yoga Chikista will read your body energy based on the flow of breath, and body energy, based on the flow of physical and energetic movements. Class participation in a public yoga classes will assist in increasing your vitality however, if you have an injury or other health concerns, it is important that you schedule a one to one session with your yoga teacher so that he or she can assist you in creating an at home or individual practice based on your individual needs.

Yoga Chikista. What is it? How to adapt your yoga practice to accommodate injuries or physical limitations.

Yoga Chitta. The state of mind you bring to yoga.

What is your state of mind when you arrive at your yoga class? Are you rushing from work, stuck in a traffic jam and late for class, arguing with a spouse or fretting over something from your work day..?

The practice of yoga Chitta is about mindfulness. It is the practice and study of how to be mindful, to your self, your neighbors, a way of living, of feeling and thinking. Your feelings and thoughts effect you, your practice and others around you.

A simple way to practice yoga chitta is by making a conscious effort to clear your mind before a practice or activity which involves care of the self or others.

This includes: teaching, yoga practice, eating lunch, visiting a friend or even sitting down to enjoy your favorite movie.

This ancient practice can be cultivated by using the tools of asana practice and through simple breathing or pranayama or just through simple meditation before an activity. Turn off your thinking and let your mind get lost in the magic of your body.


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