Acupuncture Meredith Murphy, L.Ac., MaAC, DiplAc
Licensed Acupuncturist
Specializing in Chinese, Japanese, Korean Acupuncture as well as
many other Asian modalities of natural health and healing.
The Healing Point - Acupuncture and Wholistic Health Center
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Almost everyone can benefit from acupuncture. Traditionally acupuncture is used to treat illness, but also utilized as preventive medicine. Even when there are no symptoms, acupuncture can help maintain a healthy immune system and work to prevent illness from occurring and reoccurring. There is a list of commonly treated conditions on this website, but it is not a complete list. If you have a concern about how acupuncture can benefit you and if you would be a good candidate for treatment, feel free to contact our office.

Every patient is an individual, and individual responses vary. Typically, for the first month, patients are recommended 1-3 times a week, then reevaluated. Some people respond very quickly after one or two treatments, while others may require regular treatments for months. In general, the more acute a condition is, the less treatment is required. Acupuncture treatments are culmative and build upon each other for maximum result, so it is important to follow the treatment schedule for optimum results.

The needles used in acupuncture treatments are very thin, about the width of a hair. Unlike hypodermic needles, acupuncture needles are solid and thin, not designed to cut the skin. The needles do not hurt when inserted properly. Many people feel the Qi arriving at the point and experience a tingling or heavy sensation. We only use needles that are individually packaged, sterilized, and disposable- never saved or reused.

Your first visit will consist of a comprehensive health interview and examination to evaluate the nature of the imbalances which create your symptoms. This session includes health history questions, pulse analysis, tongue inspection and abdominal palpation, which are all used to develop a diagnosis and treatment protocol. Together we will work out a treatment plan specific for you. This is also an opportunity to ask questions so you feel confident and comfortable with your treatment plan.

Please call or click here to contact us with questions or about scheduling an appointment.
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