Pavilions and Garden Seats

Our pavilions are truly the most effective way to enhance your landscape. A place to rest, entertain or for the enjoyment of the view, our garden seats and pavilions are unique because they add that special architectural element without a lot of mass and weight. Steel is strong and linear. Steel is also varment proof and simple to maintain. Another benefit is the unified addition of the attached bench to the designs (when featured). The basic pavilion and garden seat structures are fabricated in 3/4 inch square steel tubing.

#29 Winter's Palace with seat 11' x 8'6" x 4'
30 Sunburst Pavilion 12' x 9' x 9'
31 Morning Glory Pavilion with seat 8' x 7' x 4'2"
32 Gueen Anne 9'2" x 8' x 8'



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