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    • Pictured
      LYRICS Sometimes all you need is some good notes When words fail, music sparks Keep strumming 88 Let’s go Into the flow And, a picture tells a thousand words Making sense of all the absurds Sometimes all you need are some good notes Hark! Music spark… let’s sail Strumming, humming… it’s not too late Let’s […] Related songs: Get The Words Out The Earthling So […]
    • Keep On Going
      You say you want another tie-dye day Don’t want the feeling to ever go away I want to keep on going Sense I’m on the path to knowing Now I’m working on something to say Something to move us… change our way I want to keep on going Sense I’m on the path to knowing […] Related songs: The Earthling Song Fest Sunset Pictured […]
    • The Earthling Song
      LYRICS Wondering where you are Do you find it quite bizarre You’ve been given birth On Earth Traveling oh so far Just to get near this star Ohhhh… let it shine Throughout all time Earthling Song.mp4 ABOUT THIS SONG Chords — Capo 2 E A C A Made in the USA (West Chester, Chester County, […] Related songs: Keep On Going Echoes In The Brain Fest Sunset […]
    • with Turkuaz, Flux Capacitor, The New Kings of Rhythm, Cocktail Party Phenomenon...
      with Turkuaz, Flux Capacitor, The New Kings of Rhythm, Cocktail Party Phenomenon, Splintered Sunlight, Turbine JAH People ; Roots, Rock, Reggae, Philly Style.Summer Music Festivalwith @[13264955871:274:Turkuaz], @[20138929652:274:Flux Capacitor], @[366083990226:274:The New Kings of Rhythm], @[240540503918:274:Cocktail Party Phenomenon], @[219651835927:274:Sp […]
    • Philadelphia, PA Realtors and Real Estate For Sale: http://philanet.com/real-est...
      Philadelphia, PA Realtors and Real Estate For Sale: http://philanet.com/real-estate.htmlPhiladelphia Area Real Estate For Sale in Pennsylvania (PA) / Montgomery County, Bucks County,...philanet.comReal Estate For Sale -- in Southeastern Pennsylvania (PA) and Delaware (DE). Philadelphia, Chester County, Delaware County, Bucks County, PA and Montgomery County, […]
    • Advertising Real Estate / Realtor Services in Philadelphia
      Frank from Philadelphia wrote: Do offer any link packages for Philadelphia area directories? I noticed a few agents had links from your network. Dear Frank, Yes. We offer link packages for Philadelphia area directories. Links from: http://philanet.com/real-estate.html http://philanet.com/real-estate-SEO.html http://membrane.com/synapse/realestate/4sale.html […]
    • Phildelphia Real Estate SEO
      RESOURCE Real Estate, Chester County, PA … – Home Page Kit. philanet.com/resource/‎ Real estate for sale in Southeastern PA. Chester County, PA real estate listings including single family homes, attached or detached houses, condominiums, … Pennsylvania Real Estate Consumer Rights – Home Page Kit. philanet.com/benigno/pa_law.html‎ A Guide to Pennsylvania Rea […]
    • Interviews and antics in the music industry: http://membrane.com/wordpress/inter...
      Interviews and antics in the music industry: http://membrane.com/wordpress/interviews-and-antics/Everything » Interviews And Anticsmembrane.com […]
    • Dolled-up
      LYRICS How come you’re just sitting there All dolled-up With a silly grin above your chin? Living from day to day Living in a positive way Somewhere in a parallel world There’s someone getting young TO mirror growing old So while the song can be sung… Pray. Play. Say…. Living from day to day Living […] Related songs: Child’s Play Get The Words Out Echoes In […]
    • Night Skies in the Observatory
      Second Thursday of Each Month Thursday, September 12 – 7:00PM-10:00PM (Presentation at 8:15PM) Cost: $5.00 per person, Free for Members About Night Skies in the Observatory Hosted by Chief Astronomer at The Franklin Institute, Derrick Pitts, the Joel N. Bloom Observatory is open late to the public and offers 5 different telescopes for you to […] […]
    • Montgomery County, PA News, Events and Information: http://montnews.com/wordpress/
      Montgomery County, PA News, Events and Information: http://montnews.com/wordpress/MontNews.commontnews.comThe Skippack Lions would like give a BIG THANK YOU to all of our volunteers who assisted us with our 2013 Skippack Lions Club Charity Food Booth at the Philadelphia Folk Festival. We really appreciate all of your hard work and dedication to helping the S […]
    • Get The Words Out
      LYRICS What a lucky lad When you look back At all you had What a lucky lad Chorus And, they all join in With the words you’ve given Make them sing and shout Get the words out I suppose When it comes to prose Nothing you lack Please give a dose … a word attack […] Related songs: Echoes In The Brain Child’s Play Fest Sunset […]
    • Horse of a Different Color
      LYRICS Over there You’re aware It’s a promise that you make Over there Are you aware What ever time it takes How ever long it may take Horse of a different color You show who you really are Horse of a different color Forgot who we really our ABOUT THIS SONG Chords — Asus Esus […] Related songs: Fest Sunset Echoes In The Brain Child’s Play […]
    • The Impact of Internet Advertising
      The demise of traditional media advertising is no longer a hypothesis. In a 2009 study at Berkeley, they hypothesized: We provide a model of the market for advertising on news media outlets when consumers have opportunities to switch between outlets. We hypothesize that the move to online news content has facilitated greater consumer switching, as […] […]
    • State Of The Climate
      Worldwide, 2012 was among the 10 warmest years on record according to the 2012 State of the Climate report released online today by the American Meteorological Society (AMS). The peer-reviewed report, with scientists from NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, N.C., serving as lead editors, was compiled by 384 scientists from 52 countries (highli […]
    • A Billion Dollars Up In Smoke
      So, far this year the U.S. Forest Service has spent $967 million fighting wildfires. They have been forced to divert $600 million from timber and recreation to aid the fire fighting budget. “I recognize that this direction will have significant effects on the public whom we serve and on our many valuable partners, as well […] Related posts: Back To Work Budg […]
    • Q: Why Did the Sea Level Drop?
      A: Because the rain fell on Australia. By Alan Buis, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory David Hosansky, National Center for Atmospheric Research A unique and complex set of circumstances came together over Australia from 2010 to 2011 to cause Earth’s smallest continent to be the biggest contributor to the observed drop in global sea level rise […] […]
    • Russian Meteor Plume
      Atmospheric physicist Nick Gorkavyi missed witnessing an event of the century last winter when a meteor exploded over his hometown of Chelyabinsk, Russia. From Greenbelt, Md., however, NASA’s Gorkavyi and colleagues witnessed the atmospheric aftermath. The explosion created a never-before-seen belt of “meteor dust” that circulated through the stratosphere fo […]
    • Photography Workshop
      PHOTOGRAPHY COMPOSITION WORKSHOP SATURDAY, OCTOBER 5, 2013 10:00AM – 12:00PM Use Glen Foerd on the Delaware’s mansion and grounds as your snapshot subjects as you discover the skills and learn the tips to composing the perfect photograph. All camera types are welcome! Bring your smart phone, point and shoot, SLR or DSLR and enjoy this […] […]
    • Pure Healing Insight is a natural healing practice in Wilmington, DE: http://gaw...
      Pure Healing Insight is a natural healing practice in Wilmington, DE: http://gawain.membrane.com/holistic-health-and-alternative-medicine/Pure Healing Insight-LLC Naturopathy Wilmington Philadelphia, Energy healers, Crystal therapygawain.membrane.comSarah Dickinson Murray, Sarah Viallard, natural health and healing, naturopathic medicine Wilmington Delaware, […]