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    • Plastic Ocean
      Plastic debris is accumulating in the ocean at an alarming rate. Many species of birds, fish, turtles, whales and other sea animals are being impacted. In 2009, a U.N. joint commission estimated that 6.4 million metric tons of plastic waste currently pollutes the oceans. The U.N. also estimates that 5 million pieces of plastic enter […] […]
    • Infections: Don’t Pass It On
      The campaign develops and distributes education and communication materials for the VA community that promote: * Hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette * Annual seasonal influenza vaccination * Correct and appropriate use of personal protective equipment * Pandemic influenza preparedness and response * Basic public health measures to prevent transmission of […]
    • Interview of the President by Jay Leno, The Tonight Show
      Q Welcome the President of the United States — Barack Obama. (Applause.) Welcome back, sir. THE PRESIDENT: Thank you. It’s good to be back. (Applause.) Q Well, we’re thrilled to have you. THE PRESIDENT: It is good to be back. Q And a happy birthday. THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much. Q Happy birthday to […] No related posts. […]
    • Downingtown School Of Rock
      4:31 Downingtown School Of Rock Exton PA 4) 3:35 Downingtown School Of Rock Exton PA 3) 5:27 Downingtown School Of Rock Exton PA 1) 1:49 Downingtown School Of Rock Exton PA 2) […]
    • Music Video Shot in Ocean City, NJ
      The video for the song Shifting Sands Of Time 4:16 Shifting Sands Of Time Song by Daniel Brouse […]
    • Shifting Sands Of Time
      LYRICS Standing in the ocean Watching the tide roll out I start to thinking My feet are sinking I begin figgerin’ What life’s about Standing in the ocean Watching the tide roll in As I get a notion My body’s in motion The spirit’s en route Life’s precious… no doubt ABOUT THIS SONG Chords — […] Related songs: Shore For Sure When The Tide Rolls Out Like Father […]
    • T-shirt Prophecy
      LYRICS Don’t blink. Don’t think. Do wink. No kink. If you read the signs and obey You might be headed the wrong way Don’t always believe what they say Or from the path you may stray Ding-dong. Clock’s gong. Time slide in stride T-shirt Prophecy.mp3 ABOUT THIS SONG Chords — Am D Am D G […] Related songs: Like Father, Like Son What Is Life? Operator […]
    • Kathy Conway -- Real Estate For Sale in Center City Philadelphia, PA http://gawa...
      Kathy Conway -- Real Estate For Sale in Center City Philadelphia, PA http://gawain.membrane.com/center_city_real_estate/Kathy Conway - Philadelpia Real Estate, Queen Village Real Estate, Center City Philadelphia Real...gawain.membrane.comBrowse our homes for sale in Queen Village Philadelphia, Center City Philadelphia Real Estate including New Home Developme […]
    • United State Meant
      Recording the album United State Meant by The Beatless Sense MongersRead more → […]
    • Shore For Sure
      LYRICS The scent of salt water Couldn’t get much better The cool ocean breeze You can do as you please The girls are so cute In their swimming suit Mankind’s man kind Pleasures the mind Looking so skinny In a tiny bikini Wholesome and fresh Pleasures of the flesh Shore For Sure.mp3 ABOUT THIS SONG […] Related songs: Jersey Shore Blues (Body Surfing) Like Fat […]
    • Dead Dolphins at the Jersey Shore
      OCEAN CITY, NJ — Twenty-one dead dolphins have washed up on the New Jersey shore in the last month. “At this point, we don’t know the cause,” said Maggie Mooney-Seus, a spokeswoman with NOAA. The problem is occurring all along the East Coast. Forty-four dolphins have died on Virginia beaches. In total, over 120 dead […] […]
    • Vinegar
      LYRICS If you say, “I’m sick of this.” Don’t want to hear your vinegar and piss The way things are going Let’s hope we keep growing Sooner or later we’ll get in to knowing Vinegar And Piss.mp3 ABOUT THIS SONG Chords — Capo 4 Em Am D6 This song was inspired by the Alt-J soundcheck […] Related songs: Like Father, Like Son Shore For Sure Off The Hook […]
    • Get a top ranked website: http://membrane.com/orbanner.html
      Get a top ranked website: http://membrane.com/orbanner.htmlReach audience traffic on the web to millions of viewers by showing up first in search engine...membrane.comThe Membrane Domain was one of the first networks to serve the advertising community on the world wide web. How can I show up at the top of search results? How can I get my company products see […]
    • Past Christmas Island
      LYRICS What if the Earth is a spaceship Full of illegal aliens seeking some asylum And on the stormy seas (sees) overturn… flip Will there be a rescue? Will there be refuge? Will we be taken in? Or will they refuse? Chorus When you know you’re feeling like Snowden There’s absolutely no where to go… […] Related songs: Yawn Operator What Is Life? […]
    • Operator
      LYRICS I tried dialing “Operator” A message said, “Try (again) later” Hey! What am I suppose to do If I can’t get through? I tried dialing “9-1-1″ They said, “We can’t help you… none.” Guess it’s nothing new Society’s point-of-view Operator! The Creator Separator — wheat from chaff Alienator — frown from laugh Operator.mp3 ABOUT […] Related songs: Looker (Od […]
    • Yawn
      LYRICS You gave me a dictionary At first, I found it quite contrary Then, this song’s definition Made me reconsider my position Chorus To be wide open Look within So vulnerable. Let you in. Let’s enable. We’ll begin Mary merry meaning of contrary Is it as Ying to Yang Or does this dictionary Offer definitions […] Related songs: Like Father, Like Son Edger Al […]
    • with Panic! At The Disco, Alt-J and Walk Off The Earth
      with Panic! At The Disco, Alt-J and Walk Off The EarthPhilly Summer Block Partywith @[6087073417:274:Panic! At The Disco], @[200859576615757:274:Alt-J] and @[75075990356:274:Walk Off The Earth] […]
    • The Jersey Shore Guide: http://membrane.com/synapse/shore_maps.html
      The Jersey Shore Guide: http://membrane.com/synapse/shore_maps.htmlMaps from Philadelphia to the New Jersey Shore & Beaches: Atlantic City, Ocean City, Avalon,...membrane.comFrom the Philanet.com Maproom. […]
    • Montgomery County, PA Building Contractors and Roofers; Install Replacement Wind...
      Montgomery County, PA Building Contractors and Roofers; Install Replacement Windows and New Vinyl Siding -- http://gawain.membrane.com/home_improvement_contractors/http://newlookbuilders.net/newlookbuilders.netResidential Shingle Roofing — We Offer the Best Warranty in the Industry We are fully licensed, insured and certified to install many residential roof […]
    • with Pete Marziano and Shaun Durnin of Addison Grove
      with Pete Marziano and Shaun Durnin of Addison GroveLive Entertainment at Barnaby'swith @[154100758:2048:Pete Marziano] and @[154101055:2048:Shaun Durnin] of @[84643098492:274:Addison Grove] […]