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    • Bluehost is this your backup plan? see http://KingArthur.com
      Bluehost is this your backup plan? see http://KingArthur.com/ […]
    • Best Bang For The Buck
      Q: What advertising expenditure offers the best “return on investment” (ROI)? A: In almost all cases, Internet advertising provides the best ROI. Since 1994, Glistening Web Communication Corporation has been providing Internet marketing services for small, medium and large businesses. 99% of the time advertisers have a positive ROI. Start making more money t […]
    • The Barndt Agency -- Real Estate For Sale in Bucks County, PA http://membrane.co...
      The Barndt Agency -- Real Estate For Sale in Bucks County, PA http://membrane.com/philanet/barndt/The Barndt Agency, Montgomery County PA real estate, homes for sale in Bucks County Pa, new...membrane.comThe Barndt Agency is a full service real estate broker specializing in Montgomery County PA Real Estate, Bucks County PA Real Estate, Berks County Real Esta […]
    • Panic! At The Disco, Alt-J and Walk Off The Earth: http://www.rombox.com/enterta...
      Panic! At The Disco, Alt-J and Walk Off The Earth: http://www.rombox.com/entertainment/free-concert-in-philly/Free Concert In Philly | RomBox.comwww.rombox.comUncategorized Free Concert In Philly by admin • August 2, 2013 • 0 CommentsSaturday, August 3: Panic! At the Disco, Alt-J and Walk Off The Earth The Piazza at Schmidt’s North Second St. & Germantow […]
    • Free Concert In Philly
      Saturday, August 3: Panic! At the Disco, Alt-J and Walk Off The Earth The Piazza at Schmidt’s North Second St. & Germantown Ave. (below Girard Ave.) Philadelphia, PARead more → […]
    • Looker (Ode To Richard Dawkins)
      LYRICS I look to the sky to see what’s ahead Nothing but blue skies in bed Look at the bright side… you could wake up dead Chorus I look to the ground and see where’s my head So glad we have evolved… no need to dread More apt to adapt if you strive to stay [...] Related songs: Va Va Varoom Off The Hook Dancing Off The Roof […]
    • What Is Life?
      LYRICS Is life fleeting? Does it last? Strive for loving grasp Perfect harmony In all you see What Is Life.mp3 ABOUT THIS SONG Notes — C E F E C E F C E F E C C/A C/G Made in the USA (West Chester, Chester County, Pennsylvania, United States of America.) Daniel — Guitar, [...] Related songs: Like Father, Like Son Looker (Ode To Richard Dawkins) Old Man […]
    • Jersey Shore Blues (Body Surfing)
      “If I were at the beach….” Your dreams are within reach! Don’t let a job Lifetime rob Don’t need any pouting Don’t cry… no, don’t sob No procrastinating Outcast of the mob Enough body serfing Let’s go body surfing The overdue Jersey Shore blues The Jersey Shore Blues.mp3 ABOUT THIS SONG Chords — E A [...] Related songs: New Jersey Shore Soundtracks Off The H […]
    • Nuclear Energy Laser Uranium Enrichment
      Many scientists have come to the conclusion that nuclear energy is one of the alternative energy solutions for climate change.  A new process, laser enrichment, is a major advancement in the efficiency of nuclear energy production. The United State Nuclear Regulatory Commission said, “General Electric (GE) currently plans to use the Australian laser enrichme […]
    • Century 21 Absolute: Real Estate For Sale in Delaware County and Philadelphia, P...
      Century 21 Absolute: Real Estate For Sale in Delaware County and Philadelphia, PA http://membrane.com/philanet/lesniak/Delaware County PA Real Estate For Sale, Homes For Sale Delaware County PA, Delaware County PAmembrane.comCENTURY 21 Absolute Realty real estate office helps buy and sell Delaware County PA Real Estate Springfield Pa Real Estate. Real Estate […]
    • Old Man
      Original by Neil Young Coversong by Daniel Intro F D Old man look at my life, I'm a lot like you were D F Old man look at my life C G Twenty four and there's so much more D F Live alone in a paradise C F That makes me think of two D [...] Related songs: Cats In The Cradle Like Father, Like Son My Body […]
    • Cats In The Cradle
      Original by Harry Chapin Coversong by Daniel Verse: E G My child arrived just the other day, A E He came to the world in the usual way E G But there were planes to catch and bills to pay, A E He learned to walk while I was away D A/C# Bm A And [...] Related songs: Like Father, Like Son 8 Ball In The Pocket Off The Hook […]
    • The Philadelphia Visitor's Center and Free Things for Children to Do: http://mem...
      The Philadelphia Visitor's Center and Free Things for Children to Do: http://membrane.com/philanet/expo/Liberty-Bell-Independence-Hall-Philadelphia-Visitors-Center.htmlPhilaNet.com » Blog Archive » Philadelphia Visitor Centerphiladelphia.philanet.comLocated in Independence National Historical Park, the Independence Visitor Center is the official visitor […]
    • Record Rain
      July 28, 2013 was a record rainfall day for the City Of Philadelphia with over 8 inches being recorded at the Philadelphia International Airport (PHL). Power to the airport’s terminal A failed causing delays for many flights. The rainfall made July the wettest July in history. June was also a record month for precipitation. RELATED […]
    • Favorite music videos: http://ygraine.membrane.com/yeeha.html
      Favorite music videos: http://ygraine.membrane.com/yeeha.htmlMusic Videos Free and Original -- Downloading of Original Songs, Lyrics, MP3, MP4, YouTube,...ygraine.membrane.comWhere can I find FREE FOR ALL music video downloads? Includes special links to games, movies of things smashing, wild animals, video streams, lyrics, MP3's, movies, motion pictures […]
    • Video Production: Like Father, Like Son
      Making the video for Like Father, Like Son: 3:48 Like Father Like Son by the Brouses 1:27 How to Play Guitar to the Song Like Father Like Son […]
    • Heebie-jeebies
      LYRICS Wiggle and giggle moving about I can’t sit still Lower my voice? You think that’s a shout? Politically correct ain’t a skill I’ve got no hypocrite’s will No fraud to fulfill Tickle’s not fickle without a doubt Some call me a living pill It’s not my choice… the high road route Not a discipline. [...] Related songs: Off The Hook The Die Is Cast Like Fat […]
    • Tetraphobia Magic Bullet
      LYRICS Are you scared of what’s lurking under your bed Are you frightened of what goes “thump” in the night Does imagination run (wild) through your head Giving you some mystical insight Knowing how to tame anarchy It’s under control No, you’re not the same ‘ole monkey It’s wonder mental Never scared of what’s lurking [...] Related songs: Like Father, Like S […]
    • The Great Spirit of the Lenape Indians: http://membrane.com/american_indians/len...
      The Great Spirit of the Lenape Indians: http://membrane.com/american_indians/lenape.htmlAmerican Indians: the Lenni Lenape Indians, Alligewi and Iroquois Indian Tribesmembrane.comThe history of Indians in North America and Pennsylvania. The Delaware, Susquehanna and Allegheny Rivers. Slaughter, scalping, racial prejudice, racists, racism, victims and taking […]
    • Mess Fest 2013
      at The Franklin Institute August 3,4 & 10,11 Science turns slimy, oozy, gooey, and explosive for two weekends in August during The Franklin Institute’s Mess Fest! Our science educators have come up with some of the biggest and messiest science demonstrations that are guaranteed to amaze and “wow.” Shoot off alka-seltzer rockets, make and take […]