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    • About the Membrane Domain: http://membrane.com/hello.html
      About the Membrane Domain: http://membrane.com/hello.htmlThe Membrane Domain -- Applied chaos theory featuring original content based on the research &...membrane.comPhiladelphia Spirit Experiment's homepage. […]
    • Pay Day
      LYRICS What do you do with all your day Do you get to work as if to play Is being productive seductive In some sort-of way When you’re through Do you love your nighttime, too What do you do along your way By any chance do you get to say “Amazing! Elusive? Inclusive?” For what [...] Related songs: Ain’t Dead Yet Don’t Cry Over Spilled Thrill Firecracker […]
    • Open Mic at Sam Ash Music Stores
      Open Mic at Sam Ash Music StoresPlay Any Instrument You LikeOpen Mic at @[59954433288:274:Sam Ash Music Stores] […]
    • All Real Estate including Philadelphia, Montgomery County, Bucks County, Delawar...
      All Real Estate including Philadelphia, Montgomery County, Bucks County, Delaware County and Chester County, PA: http://www.allrealestate.com/Real Estate For Sale: Property Listings, New Homes, Houses, Commercial Real Estate and Other...www.allrealestate.comPennsylvania real estate including Philadelphia, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County an […]
    • New Initiatives for Demolition Sites and Contractors
      Mayor Michael A. Nutter and the Department of Licenses and Inspections (L&I) announced new initiatives for demolition sites and contractors, including new standards for demolition permit issuance and demolition site inspection, new internal audit processes, and recommendations for code and regulatory changes, all designed to ensure the safety of private […]
    • Summer Concert Sounds of Swing
      Tuesday, July 16th at 7 p.m. Experience the infectious rhythms and playful sounds of swing music from the big band era. Boogie-Woogie over to Glen Foerd for a great time. Concert Sponsor — Edward Hughes & Sons, HVAC & Plumbing Refreshment Sponsor — Three Monkeys Restaurant Lawn seating is free, but bring your own chair […]
    • Ambler Restaurant Week
      AMBLER, PA — Ambler Restaurant Week is always a highly anticipated week, and July’s event is no exception. Mark your calendars, as the week of July 21-28 features over a dozen Ambler area restaurants offering prix-fixe menus and exciting specials. Several participating restaurants are offering lunch menus, as well as optional beverage pairings. Ambler Restau […]
    • When Free Isn’t Free
      If you download FREE software…Make sure you don’t get more than you bargain for Free software that you download could be just what you think it is — a single software package. However, many times free software comes bundled with other unwanted, harmful programs including spyware, viruses, or even Trojan horse programs. To help keep […]
    • How Global Warming Will Change Earth
      The impact of increased surface temperatures is significant in itself. But global warming will have additional, far-reaching effects on the planet. Warming modifies rainfall patterns, amplifies coastal erosion, lengthens the growing season in some regions, melts ice caps and glaciers, and alters the ranges of some infectious diseases. Some of these changes a […]
    • Hiking and camping in Pennsylvania: http://ygraine.membrane.com/philflix/appalac...
      Hiking and camping in Pennsylvania: http://ygraine.membrane.com/philflix/appalachian_trail.htmlPennsylvania's Appalachian Trail: Free Hiking & Camping in Schuylkill County, PA (pictures,...ygraine.membrane.comShort and long-term hiking, backpacking, bird and wildlife watching, as well as, other backcountry recreation -- via the National Park Service […]
    • Home Improvement and Building Contractors, Additions, Roofing, Decks, Remodeling...
      Home Improvement and Building Contractors, Additions, Roofing, Decks, Remodeling: http://membrane.com/synapse/contract.htmlContractors, Suppliers, Manufacturers for Home, Business, Light Industry and Heavy Industry:...membrane.comPhiladelphia Region Guide to Construction, Contracting and Manufacturing for Home and Business. Real Estate Related Professions in […]
    • Thundercloud
      LYRICS Thundercloud For crying out loud Thundercloud The world absurd In the daze of the days To the beat of the heat We’re the knights of the nights To save the day and ways Thundercloud.mp3 ABOUT THIS SONG Chords — E E add F#, C# B Made in the USA (West Chester, Chester County, Pennsylvania, [...] Related songs: Ain’t Dead Yet United We State Don’t Cry Ove […]
    • Don’t Cry Over Spilled Thrill
      LYRICS Oops! Your cup spilleth over Hope we start to discover Not a fighter… more a lover Red rover, red rover Send some lovin’ right over Hoops! Flame and fire jumpin’ through We’ll do what we gotta do Stand before a bullet for you Red rover, red rover Send some lovin’ right over Don’t Cry [...] Related songs: Ain’t Dead Yet Firecracker United We State […]
    • Glistening Trail Records: http://membrane.com/music.html
      Glistening Trail Records: http://membrane.com/music.htmlGlistening Trail Records: Songs, Modern Music, Lyrics, Poetry, Poems, Chords, Recordings, Studiomembrane.comThe original Internet Record Label and World Wide Website featuring FREE FOR ALL music, MP3s for downloading, music videos, MP4, DivX, Real Audio, news, reviews, articles, concerts and tours. the […]
    • Montgomery County, PA Building Contractors for Roofs, Siding and Windows: http:/...
      Montgomery County, PA Building Contractors for Roofs, Siding and Windows: http://gawain.membrane.com/home_improvement_contractors/New Look Builders | Montgomery County, PA Contractors for Roofing, Siding, Windowsnewlookbuilders.netHome3931 Bluebird Road – Huntington Valley, PA 19006 – Phone 215-938-8484New Look Builders is a full service residential contract […]
    • Extreme Weather And Your Roof
      The increase in extreme weather events have caused damage to many roofs throughout Montgomery and Bucks Counties. New Look Roofing has been installing and repairing roofs for over 30 years. New Look Roofing offers the best roofing warranty available — a lifetime transferable warranty backed by GAF for labor and materials on all shingle products. […]
    • Firecracker
      LYRICS Firecracker on the 4th of July Poof! Band! Auld Lang Syne Is the load of your energy spent Or, resurrected… from heaven sent (second time lent) It’s not too late… let’s repent Soar as high… let’s fly (Soar on high second time) Heartbreaker on Valentine’s Day Poof! Band! Auld Lang Syne Is the cloud [...] Related songs: Wissahickon Carnival Song United […]
    • Buddha’s Bodhi Tree Bombed
      INDIA – Nine bombs exploded near the site where Buddha is believed to have obtained enlightenment while sitting under a fig tree. An offspring of the tree still grows at the site. Nobody has claimed responsibility for the bombings; however, “intelligence alerts had been issued to Bihar authorities in the recent months, warning that Islamist […]
    • with Shut up Donny and Stu Stuart
      with Shut up Donny and Stu StuartShut Up Donny on the Brandywinewith @[266567713419495:274:Shut up Donny] and @[100002292412273:2048:Stu Stuart] […]
    • How to get to the Jersey Shore: http://membrane.com/synapse/shore_maps.html
      How to get to the Jersey Shore: http://membrane.com/synapse/shore_maps.htmlMaps from Philadelphia to the New Jersey Shore & Beaches: Atlantic City, Ocean City, Avalon,...membrane.comFrom the Philanet.com Maproom. […]