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    • United We State
      LYRICS 1) Here’s the funny thing Mom’s half was for the King Pop’s half said, “Wrath we bring!” 2) Her’s the funny thing Ya gotta attest with protest Or, we all fail the (democracy) test Here’s the funny thing It’s time we got our freedom back Don’t blame it on the terror attack It’s time [...] Related songs: Freedom Kingdom Please Do NOT Be Dumb with Freedo […]
    • Ain’t Dead Yet
      LYRICS I ain’t ready to ride off into the sunset, yet Ain’t ready for ashes to dust must Ahhh ohhh I’m satisfied with this living condition Not ready for the beating heart cessation Hold steady running off the edge, bets’ hedge Getting bloody Terran torn Kamikaze planet, damn it! Ain’t Dead Yet.mp3 ABOUT THIS SONG [...] Related songs: Dead Or Alive The Final […]
    • Fly In The Ointment
      LYRICS There’s a fly in the ointment Without an appointment Does anybody anywhere even care There’s a fly in the ointment Without an appointment Is anybody aware There’s a guy holding office That’s a public disgrace Does anybody want to save face Give a try grasping this Human rights aren’t hit or miss Let us [...] Related songs: Lion Pig The Bigger They Com […]
    • with Donny Syracuse and members of The Sermon!
      with Donny Syracuse and members of The Sermon!Sunday Funday Musicwith @[664986741:2048:Donny Syracuse] and members of @[106346385659:274:The Sermon!] […]
    • Who Cares?
      LYRICS There’s love in the air In fact, love’s everywhere Chorus If you care what everyone cares Ya better pray they care If you care what anyone cares Ya might find the love they share Have ya any love to spare? There in need of some there Chorus Let your love light shine And, all [...] Related songs: Lion Pig Edger Allan In The Poe Time […]
    • Arizona Wildfire
      Extreme weather conditions in the Southwestern United States have resulted in several wildfires. Nineteen of the world’s best firefighters were killed in the Arizona wildfire. The state of Arizona says: Yarnell Hill Fire Reported 45 Percent Contained (Posted July 3, 2013, at 9:32 p.m.) The Yarnell Hill Fire burning southwest of Prescott, Ariz., is reported [ […]
    • Wissahickon High School Carnival and Fireworks
      Ambler Kiwanis Carnival is going on through July 6, 2013. The best fireworks display in the suburbs is scheduled for July 5. Proceeds benefit the Kiwanis Club of Ambler Fireworks Videos and More Information […]
    • Greater Philadelphia 4th of July Fireworks: http://ygraine.membrane.com/philflix...
      Greater Philadelphia 4th of July Fireworks: http://ygraine.membrane.com/philflix/4th_of_july_fireworks.htmlFireworks on the 4th of July set to the Tune of Yankee Doodle Dandy: The answer to "Where Can I...ygraine.membrane.comAn original motion picture experience from inside the Greater Philadelphia Region. […]
    • Songs of freedom by the Beatless Sense Mongers: http://membrane.com/The_Beatless...
      Songs of freedom by the Beatless Sense Mongers: http://membrane.com/The_Beatless_Sense_Mongers/The Beatless Sense Mongers: Original Music and Lyrics with Free Songs for Downloadingmembrane.comFree for all MP3 music and music videos available for streaming or downloading by the band The Beatless Sense Mongers. The homepage for the band, and their experimental […]
    • Alpha Centauri Moments
      LYRICS The definition of the Lord is the law Who do you think you are If you’d seen the things I saw You’d say they crossed the line too far Do you know the closest star? Do you know where you are? Do you know the next closest Alpha Centauri moments Starchild Go wild Starchild [...] Related songs: Elixir What’s Up? Va Va Varoom […]
    • The Danger Of Cookies
      Whenever I click on an ad and there are no links to find out about the company, I click on the privacy policy at the bottom of the page. If it says they use cookies, I close my session and remove the cookies. […]
    • New roofs and roof repairs in Montgomery County, PA by New Look Roofing Contract...
      New roofs and roof repairs in Montgomery County, PA by New Look Roofing Contractors: http://gawain.membrane.com/philadelphia-roofing-contractors/New Look Roofing - Montgomery County, Pennsylvania Roofers for New Roofs, Replacements and Repairsgawain.membrane.comMontgomery County, PA Roofers - Architectural Asphalt Shingles. Servicing Roofs in Huntington Vall […]
    • Protestors Arrested At Liberty Bell
      Protestors marched from Love Park to Independence Mall to bring attention to legalization of victimless crimes. Wildlife Fish and Game, The Philadelphia Police, Homeland Security, ICE, National Parks Police, SEPTA and the FBI made multiple arrests.   […]
    • Edger Allan In The Poe
      Edger Allan In The Poe.mp3 LYRICS chorus There’s a movement of the people You can not deny Oh, my, my And, it seems it’s starting to show Tearing at the seams As the people get into the know You know what I mean? Chorus You dare not cross the line Or, they’ll try to crack [...] Related songs: The Bigger They Come Lion Pig Time […]
    • with N.a. Poe, Kyle Prouty, Steve Miller Mililer and the The Panic Hour friends
      with N.a. Poe, Kyle Prouty, Steve Miller Mililer and the The Panic Hour friendsPhiladelphia Prohibition Protest Arrestswith @[100000445146222:2048:N.a. Poe], @[502388095:2048:Kyle Prouty], Steve Miller Mililer and the @[164101773641669:274:The Panic Hour] friends […]
    • with Frank Sofia and JoMomma Blues
      with Frank Sofia and JoMomma BluesSierra's Open Micwith @[100000027780328:2048:Frank Sofia] and @[100002349044458:2048:JoMomma Blues] […]
    • David Bowie: Beyond Human
      I always had a repulsive need to be something more than human. — David BowieRead more → […]
    • World Uprising
      There are protests going on around the world in Brazil, Turkey and Egypt. Many thousands of people are rising up against their governments. In Brazil, it started as a protest against a 10% rise in the bus fare.  Then, it turned into hundreds of thousands of people protesting the World Cup, Olympics and political corruption. […]
    • Religion and Belief: http://everything.membrane.com/category/religion/
      Religion and Belief: http://everything.membrane.com/category/religion/Category Archives: Religioneverything.membrane.comReal Estate USA & Center City Philadelphia Real Estate for Sale California Homes For Sale MLS Search Southern California Learn How to Advertise Here Place Advertising Contact Us Q: Why don’t Christians celebrate Hanukkah? A: There is no […]
    • Time
      LYRICS There was a time when time went tick tock But, since… they’ve changed the meaning of clock There was a time when Plymouth was a rock Now freedom’s hogtied… gagged with a sock Chorus Can you really, really break free And, freely be “me” Can you wiggle into sanity And, become totally There was [...] Related songs: New World Order Lion Pig The Bigger The […]