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    • School of Rock Doylestown coming to Wildwood, NJ: https://www.facebook.com/photo...
      School of Rock Doylestown coming to Wildwood, NJ: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=594841070536795&set=a.189417414412498.40879.100000327214991&type=1&theaterDoylestown Sor's PhotosSchool of Rock DOYLESTOWN LIVE on the Wildwood Boardwalk June 28th - 30th @[159392833825:274:DoylestownAlive!] @[386672991418577:274:Fig Doylestown] @[87526 […]
    • No Rain
      No Rain.mp3 (Coversong / Free MP3 Download) Made famous by Blind Melon (Shannon Hoon) E D All I can say is that my life is pretty plain A G E E7 I like watchin’ the puddles gather rain E D And all I can do is just pour some tea for two A G E [...] Related songs: I’d Love to Change The World Rainy Day Blues Space Cowboy […]
    • President Obama: Climate Change
      President Obama lays out his vision for the steps we need to take to prepare our country for the impacts of climate change and lead the global effort to fight it. In the video below, he describes why this is the time to take action. Learn more about climate change and global warming. Related posts: Global Warming and Climate Change: Why the USA is Mute Incre […]
    • On and Off the Wall Art Exhibition
      Montgomery County Community College is pleased to host “On and Off the Wall” art exhibition featuring artists Nancy Moldofsky and Warren A. Morgan and Jerilee Nichols of Morgan Bockius Studios, Perkasie, at the College’s Fine Arts Gallery, 340 Dekalb Pike, Blue Bell, from June 26 through Aug. 1. A “Meet the Artists” reception will be […]
    • Deck builder and construction in the Upper Bucks County / Lehigh Valley, PA: htt...
      Deck builder and construction in the Upper Bucks County / Lehigh Valley, PA: http://gawain.membrane.com/decks-lehigh-valley/Lehigh Valley Decks, Bucks County PA Deck Builders, Trex Decks Bethlehem PA, Deck Builders...gawain.membrane.comDecks-R-US Elite, LLC Coopersburg, PA - decking contractors Lehigh Valley PA , Decks Lehigh Valley PA, deck contractors in L […]
    • Canada Floods
      Three people have died and 100,000 have been forced to evacuate due to flooding in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The water level reached as high as the 10th level of the hockey stadium. “This is incredible. I’ve seen a little bit of flooding in Calgary before. I don’t think any of us have seen anything like […]
    • Cold War Kids, Bad Books and Capital Cities
      A free concert at the Piazza in Philadelphia on Saturday, July 13 with Cold War Kids, Bad Books and Capital Cities.Read more → […]
    • Summertime Music Videos
      2:03 Varoom Song at Lake Wynonah Pennsylvania 6:40 What’s Up? Song by Daniel Brouse 2:17 Troll Patrol Songwriting Everhart Park West Chester […]
    • with John Hannafin, Local Artist
      with John Hannafin, Local ArtistSuper Moon Painterwith @[1151298906:2048:John Hannafin], Local Artist […]
    • The Philadelphia Spirit Experiment Publishing Company: http://membrane.com/welco...
      The Philadelphia Spirit Experiment Publishing Company: http://membrane.com/welcome2.htmlWelcome to the Philadelphia Spirit Experiment - Home of the Membrane Domainmembrane.comOriginal statement of intent. […]
    • Local Honey
      Nutritionists believe that local honey has health benefits. Since the bees collect nectar from locals plants, it may help relieve allergy symptoms. A small farm located at 351 W. Lincoln Highway, Exton, PA produces and sells local honey. While you are there, you can watch Chester County farm animals: Chester County Farm Animals High Definition […]
    • What’s Up?
      LYRICS Who wants… Who wants “What’s up?” You’re passing me by on the street But, will we ever really meet? The younger they are, the better they greet Hope ya don’t get old before ya get beat Ahh…. You’re watching me bearing a grin But, will we ever entwine The purer they are the more [...] Related songs: What Is Your Name? Va Va Varoom 0101010101 (Binary Wo […]
    • Va Va Varoom
      LYRICS In the summertime Time goes past fast In the summertime Just with it’d last Cicadas sounding like castanets Quaking aspen shaking to the beat What gives is what gets Let’s go running in bare feet Chorus Bringing on the summer solstice At the cusp of a full moon The days are beautiful… the nights [...] Related songs: Reptile Dysfunction Peace Flow What […]
    • Denver doctor, Dr. Jonathan Singer, combines traditional and natural treatments:...
      Denver doctor, Dr. Jonathan Singer, combines traditional and natural treatments: http://gawain.membrane.com/denver_doctor/Denver Doctor - Board Certified Denver Physician Jonathan W. Singer, D.O.www.denver-doctor.comLooking for a Denver Doctor that truly cares and actually listens? Read FREE health information by Denver physician Jonathan W. Singer. Schedule […]
    • Death Toll in Indian Monsoon Flooding
      The severe weather event in India has a rising death toll. Currently at 500, it is expected to rise to over 1,000. More than 60,000 people have been stranded. ” Uttrakhand state Chief Minister Vijay Bahguna said 556 bodies have been noticed buried deep in slush and the army was trying to recover them. He […]
    • Experimental music guide: http://lancelot.membrane.com/music/
      Experimental music guide: http://lancelot.membrane.com/music/Experimental Music Guidelancelot.membrane.com […]
    • Kathy Conway / Center City Philadelphia Real Estate for Sale or Rent -- http://g...
      Kathy Conway / Center City Philadelphia Real Estate for Sale or Rent -- http://gawain.membrane.com/center_city_real_estate/Kathy Conway - Philadelpia Real Estate, Queen Village Real Estate, Center City Philadelphia Real...gawain.membrane.comBrowse our homes for sale in Queen Village Philadelphia, Center City Philadelphia Real Estate including New Home Develo […]
    • Before You Squash That Bug
      LYRICS What if you’re just a bug Wait for some giant’s shrug As your soul meets sole Are you just as happy As you can be Or, are you livin’ a life of misery Come on now… set yourself free Start living life merrily Are you as carefree As you should be Or, so you [...] Related songs: Fantastic 0101010101 (Binary World) What Is Your Name? […]
    • Unfriggin Believable
      LYRICS Can’t make a decision about what to do Can’t tell what is false and what is true They say indecision can kill you You better draw before your time comes due No. You can’t make up the stuff they do No mind victimizing me or you You wouldn’t believe the crap they do Exploit [...] Related songs: Resonates Dead Or Alive The High Road Part II […]
    • Troll Patrol
       Troll Patrol.mp3 LYRICS Is it disturbing… more than a bit Is it gut wrenching… why won’t they quit? The troll patrol marches in Before you know it Decadence and sin How could this be heaven With no safe haven How could this be heaven When there ain’t no safe haven Tattooed monkeys flying fly in [...] Related songs: What Is Your Name? At the Strike of Lightn […]