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    • Ail Whale Wail
      LYRICS I could drone on and on and on and on About civilians prone to the attack of the drone Like a new born baby, I could cry and wail About the plight of the killed killer whale State sanctioned execution Coal Age pollution electrocution Currency manipulation devaluation I could moan on and on and [...] Related songs: Block The Wind Life And Death Situati […]
    • Block The Wind
      LYRICS I’m not looking for you to spare a dime I’m not looking for any of your time I’m just asking you do the asking of you At the end of it all Can you stand tall? Will you stand at all… or will you fall? Yell! Heaven or hell (Hell no!) Do you offer [...] Related songs: Blowing In The Wind Throne Thrown Mama Had a Baby and It’s Head Popped Off […]
    • Buy a House in Montgomery County, PA
      For the first time since the financial crisis began, the housing market is showing strong signs of a recovery. View Houses For Sale Commercial Property Search New Home Construction Get Some Help Financing Information Association Of REALTORS Chestnut Hill Home and Environmental Inspections Contractors Home Center Title Insurance Homeowner’s Insurance The Real […]
    • Monsanto Protests
      WEST CHESTER, PA — On May 25, 2013, protests against Monsanto were held throughout the nation including several locations in the Delaware Valley. Consumers are concerned about the company responsible for making Agent Orange continuing to expose citizens to the harmful effects of their experiments on humans. The pesticide Round Up is speculated to be […]
    • Legalize Protesters Released
      PHILADELPHIA, PA — On May 18, 2013 two speakers at the NORML protest rally were arrested and placed in the Federal Detention Center. The rally was being held at the Liberty Bell on Federal Park land. The leader of the demonstration, N.A. Poe, was charged with felony offenses. […]
    • Planet Vital Signs: Climate Change
      NEWS AND FEATURES Ice in motion Image captures snaking crack in Beaufort Sea › Read More ‘Scary scorecard’ NASA scientists react to carbon milestone › Read More Icy landscapes Study pinpoints glaciers’ role in sea level rise › Read More MORE NEWS FROM NASA Double jeopardy Satellites reveal risk of volatile fire season Carbon milestone [...] Related posts:USA […]
    • Memorial Day
      President Obama said: On Memorial Day, we honor and remember the men and women who gave their lives in service of our country. And while our commitment to those who serve and their families remains important every day, Memorial Day is the perfect time to offer a simple act of kindness to our veterans and [...] Related posts:Iraq Iraq Aftermath […]
    • Barncat Band New Button Live Music
    • The Spotted Atrocious Videos
      6:17 Spotted-Atrocious-Live-Muisc-New-Button-West-Chester-May-24-2013-3 KingArthurCom 3:32 Spotted-Atrocious-Live-Muisc-New-Button-West-Chester-May-24-2013 1) 4:47 Spotted-Atrocious-Live-Muisc-New-Button-West-Chester-PA 4) KingArthurCom 5:01 Spotted-Atrocious-Live-Muisc-New-Button-West-Chester-PA 3) KingArthurCom 8:32 Spotted-Atrocious-Live-Muisc-New-Button- […]
    • The Political Action Committee: http://membrane.com/pac/
      The Political Action Committee: http://membrane.com/pac/PAC: The Political Action Committee Seeks Input from You: Who Should I Vote For? Why? We are at WAR!membrane.comPolitics, politicians, government, USA, United State of America, opinion, facts, journalism, voting, voters, Washington DC, federal state and local governments. […]
    • Supper's Ready Genesis Tribute: http://ygraine.membrane.com/genesis/
      Supper's Ready Genesis Tribute: http://ygraine.membrane.com/genesis/Genesis' Supper's Ready: An Original Motion Picture Adaptation with Animation and Live Action...ygraine.membrane.comA FREE FOR ALL music video and motion picture experience available in a variety of file formats. […]
    • Can You Hear The Alarm?
      LYRICS What do you know that is good? What are you going to do for food In your neighborhood? What is good that you know? When it comes to knowledge Where you gonna go? Who’s your friend? Who’s your foe? Who is driving the wedge Between yes and no? What is good that you know? [...] Related songs: Hear Comes The Sun Take A Listen Hear Double Rainbow […]
    • Monsanto Company Protest
      Monsanto Company ProtestMonsanto Protest@[44495818682:274:Monsanto Company] Protest […]
    • Severe Weather Events: Tornadoes
      Because a tornado is part of a severe convective storm, and these storms occur all over the Earth, tornadoes are not limited to any specific geographic location. In fact, tornadoes have been documented in every state of the United States, and on every continent, with the exception of Antarctica (even there, a tornado occurrence is […]
    • with Tony Memmel, Barncat, Spotted Atrocious, Left of Logic
      with Tony Memmel, Barncat, Spotted Atrocious, Left of LogicNew Button May 24, 2013with @[102256944740:274:Tony Memmel], @[232032250230711:274:Barncat], @[46870188090:274:Spotted Atrocious], @[175271775850780:274:Left of Logic] […]
    • with Tony Memmel, Barncat, Spotted Atrocious, Left of Logic
      with Tony Memmel, Barncat, Spotted Atrocious, Left of LogicNew Button May 24, 2013with @[102256944740:274:Tony Memmel], @[232032250230711:274:Barncat], @[46870188090:274:Spotted Atrocious], @[175271775850780:274:Left of Logic] […]
    • Mama Had a Baby and It’s Head Popped Off
      LYRICS PART I Mama had a baby and it’s head popped off Unless there’s less stress For sure, the pressure will kill Until, There’s less stress Shake that soda up (Watch that soda pop) Until, There’s less stress In the system We’ll all be the victim Of too much pressure For sure Shake that soda [...] Related songs: Stealing Candy From A Baby A Little Give Let’ […]
    • Chaos theory and music: http://membrane.com/synapse/library/music/
      Chaos theory and music: http://membrane.com/synapse/library/music/MUSIC and CHAOS THEORYmembrane.comIn many ways a musical number is a chaotic system. It has a number of `attractors' and there is some sort of order about these `attractors'. For instance, there are repeating sets of chord changes and a repeating beat, or meter. Nonetheless, these pa […]
    • The Safe Web Act
      The Safe Web Act was passed in 2006. In 2012, the law was reauthorized. Current law authorizes the Federal Trade Commission to combat cross border fraud. Specifically, the Undertaking Spam, Spyware, and Fraud Enforcement with Enforcers beyond Borders Act, amends the FTC Act definition of ‘‘unfair or deceptive acts or practices’’ to include acts of […]
    • Ode To N. A. Poe
      LYRICS Chorus Eenie Meenie Miney Mo They got Poe by the toe They’d better… better let him go Instead, why don’t you create an institution to the F’n Constitution ’cause don’t you think it’s about time? No victim. No Crime. Chorus Instead, why don’t you sedate your confusion… militant delusion ’cause don’t you think it’s [...] Related songs: Throne Thrown Dan […]