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    • with Joe De Feo and Rick Reinhart
      with Joe De Feo and Rick ReinhartGroove Makingwith @[100001037972393:2048:Joe De Feo] and @[608008065:2048:Rick Reinhart] […]
    • Ron's Original Bar Open Mic
      Ron's Original Bar Open MicMay 9, 2013 2:00pm […]
    • Another great night of music with Dan Frantz
      Another great night of music with Dan FrantzTimeline Photos@[104779236345603:274:Ron's Original Bar] Live Music in Exton […]
    • Ron's Original Bar Live Music in Exton
      Ron's Original Bar Live Music in Exton […]
    • Online music magazine featuring KingArthur.com videos: http://membrane.com/rrgui...
      Online music magazine featuring KingArthur.com videos: http://membrane.com/rrguide.htmlThe Rock And Roll Romper Room: a Modern Music Magazine, Articles and Reviewsmembrane.comFree MP3s, music videos, songs, lyrics, concerts, free MP3 downloads, bands, tours, live shows, reviews and articles. Features and file formats include: .mov, concerts, DivX, ticket inf […]
    • Advertising for mortgage services, loans, credit repair, credit cards: http://me...
      Advertising for mortgage services, loans, credit repair, credit cards: http://membrane.com/credit/Advertising Opportunities for Accepting Credit Cards, How to Apply For Credit Cards, Mortgages, Loanmembrane.comAboiut credit cards, charge cards, mortgages, FHA financing, VA loans or merchant services. Get information on my annual credit report, credit loans, […]
    • Rock And Roll
      LYRICS Hey, hey, Mama! Come and take my hand If you want to understand Do you want to take a stroll And, get to know rock n’ roll? Come to understand The land… Of music Make it dense Make it thick (Wanna a whole lotta love? reprise) Do you want to take a stroll Through [...] Related songs: Close Enough for Rock and Roll Let’s Get Left + Right = Rock n’ Roll […]
    • Time Being (Sing Along Song)
      LYRICS A song… that when we play Everyone will say, “There’s a sing along song!” I want a song that we can all sing along One that will make them swing and dance I want a song that we can all sing along When upon second glance…. I want a song… sing along One that [...] Related songs: Here For The Good Time The But, Butt Song Set Your Sights High […]
    • Coastal Change: Hurricanes and Extreme Storm Hazards
      Part of the Human Induced Climate Change Experiment One of the goals of the USGS Coastal and Marine Geology Program is a national assessment of coastal change hazards. Hurricanes provide a powerful force that generates dangerous waves and currents capable of moving large amounts of sand, destroying buildings and infrastructure, and reshaping our nation’s coa […]
    • New Music, Free MP3′s and Music Videos
      April 2013 Protest Anti Songs May 2013 The Firehose Album The Beatless Sense Mongers Daniel: Singer/Songwriter […]
    • Noise Pollution
      We’re so use to it that a lot of us hardly notice the noise that surrounds us everyday, but our hearts may be picking up the buzz. Researchers in Germany had more than 100 people record their heart activity over several 6-hour spans. They also recorded surrounding noise levels. The sounds were classified as either […]
    • Class of 2013 at The Ohio State University
      President Barack Obama delivers the commencement address during The Ohio State University commencement at Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio, May 5, 2013. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza) The Ohio State University is an institution that dedicates itself to “Education for Citizenship” — the Buckeye motto emblazoned on the school seal. So when President […]
    • Phishing Attacks on Telecommunication Customers
      Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) — The Internet Crime Complaint Center has received numerous reports of phishing attacks targeting various telecommunication companies’ customers. Individuals receive automated telephone calls that claim to be from the victim’s telecommunication carrier. Victims are directed to a phishing site to receive a credit, discoun […]
    • Civil War Reunion
      Saturday, June 1 As the cannons roar and soldiers march into battle, witness the excitment and patriotism of the American Civil War as Pennypacker Mills brings this nation-defining moment to life on the 150th anniversary. See daily battles, military and civilian encampments, demonstrations, music, fashion, speakers, a Civil War play, sutlers, and much more! […]
    • Electronics and Household Hazardous Waste Collection Sites
      The second of six recycling dates for the collection of electronic equipment sponsored by Montgomery County will take place this Saturday, May 11, in Green Lane between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. It is important to note that household hazardous waste will not be collected at electronic recycling events. “Our first electronics collection event in […]
    • Lehigh Baptist Church Family Flea Market
      3rd Annual Lehigh Baptist Church Family Flea Market Sept 14th, 2013 9AM – 2 PM 934 Alburger Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19115 Vendors wanted. $20.00 per space or 2 for $30.00 Contact Lynn 215-495-9684 […]
    • The Beatless Sense Mongers: http://membrane.com/The_Beatless_Sense_Mongers/
      The Beatless Sense Mongers: http://membrane.com/The_Beatless_Sense_Mongers/The Beatless Sense Mongers: Original Music and Lyrics with Free Songs for Downloadingmembrane.comFree for all MP3 music and music videos available for streaming or downloading by the band The Beatless Sense Mongers. The homepage for the band, and their experimental musical projects, i […]
    • Advertising for professional engineers and architects: http://membrane.com/synap...
      Advertising for professional engineers and architects: http://membrane.com/synapse/oreng.htmlAdvertising Opportunities for Engineers: Engineering, Architects, Builders, Contractors, Designers,.membrane.comHow to advertise my services. Internet, on-line, web-based advertising and e-commerce. Reach more customers and turn them into consumers of your products a […]
    • Here For The Good Time
      LYRICS We’re here for the Good Time What about you? I know that I’m We’re here for the Good Time What about you? I know that I’m For the time I’m here I wanna get clear What is good ’cause who’s to say what is good? Come on now, everybody knows At least they should [...] Related songs: Pain Do Not Be Diminished Lady Of The Wood […]
    • Ozone Pollution Police
      Ozone pollution is a significant problem and may be resulting in the deforestation of Earth. The Environmental Defense Fund Wrote This Is Your Final Warning: Enforcement Needed To Curtail Continued Pollution Problems What makes you slow down more, a speeding ticket with a hefty fine or a warning? For most people, getting a ticket for […]