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    • Writing lyrics and music in Chester County, PA
      Writing lyrics and music in Chester County, PALet's Get SongwritingWriting lyrics and music in Chester County, PA […]
    • Let’s Get
      LYRICS Verse Though the road may look long and steep ahead … there’s nothing to dread If the pressure’s mounting… don’t think you’ll make it? Then, come on let’s get Chorus Every good boy deserve favor (EGBDF are the notes on the lines of a treble clef) Especially when he’s paid his dues Let ‘em [...] Related songs: Angels Parade Chasing Your Own Tail The Pr […]
    • Free concert Saturday in Philly at The Piazza at Schmidts with Atlas Genius, Fam...
      Free concert Saturday in Philly at The Piazza at Schmidts with Atlas Genius, Family of the Year and Jackson Kingsley. […]
    • Danny Lynch Band and Mighty OV Videos
      3:21 Danny Lynch-Mighty-OV-Live-Music-in-Philadelphia 5)  3:55 Danny Lynch-Mighty-OV-Live-Music-in-Philadelphia 4)  4:40 DannyLynch-Mighty-OV-Live-Music-in-Philadelphia 2)  1:16 Danny Lynch-Mighty-OV-Live-Music-in-Philadelphia 3)  4:28 Danny Lynch-Mighty-OV-Live-Music-in-Philadelphia 1) […]
    • Cleanup Of Brownfield Land
      PHILADELPHIA, PA — The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced the City of Philadelphia as one of 20 communities to receive a grant to conduct a planning study to guide the cleanup and reactivation of brownfield land. A $200,000 grant to Philadelphia will fund a study for a four-square-mile area of Frankford Creek, including sections […]
    • Citywide Summit Folk Arts and Cultural Treasures
      Saturday May 4th – 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM TAG Education for Liberation Curriculum Fair and Citywide Summit Folk Arts and Cultural Treasures School, 1023 Callowhill Street The morning Curriculum Fair will feature workshops, unit and lesson plans, projects, resources, and best practices for social justice education. This will be a space for educators to […]
    • The World’s Smallest Movie
      The star of the new movie made by IBM is 1/25,000,000 inch tall. The ability to move single atoms, one of the smallest particles of any element in the universe, is crucial to IBM’s research in the field of atomic-scale memory. In 2012, IBM scientists announced the creation of the world’s smallest magnetic memory bit, […]
    • Blowing In The Wind
      LYRICS If you listen to the wind You can hear the answer blowin’ within When you hear the train a comin’ You know it’s time to pack it in It’s been too long Since you sang a song Come on and cry a tear of joy Let’s right the wrong Bring love on strong A [...] Related songs: Hear Ye Here Ye Flight Itinerary The Who […]
    • Stoken Hearted
      LYRICS Once we get this fire started Then, the compassion hearted…. The passion of the fire Will turn the heat up high Stoken Hearted.mp3 Stoken Hearted Acoustic Guitar Video ABOUT THE SONG Chords — E G E B Made in the USA (West Chester, Chester County, Pennsylvania, United States of America.) Daniel — Vocals, Guitars, [...] Related songs: Verse And Chorus T […]
    • Ambler Arts and Music Festival 2013
      June 14 – 15 Butler Pike, Ambler, PA A free family friendly event featuring: Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks, Secret Service Band, Tommy Conwell, 309 Express, Rick Denzien and Debra Lee […]
    • Black Sabbath Concert
      Legendary rock band Black Sabbath will reunite and perform live at the Wells Fargo Center on Saturday, August 10 as part of a 20-show North American tour. Black Sabbath — Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler — are previewing music from their forthcoming album, 13. On the new album, due out June 11, the […]
    • Audio and Video Production: Obverse Reverse Verses
      From the album Obverse Reverse Verses […]
    • with John Grecia
      with John GreciaSunday Afternoon Courtyard Musicwith @[652907845:2048:John Grecia] […]
    • Thank You, Sir
      LYRICS “Thank you, Sir!” I really want to thank you, Sir When you were sitting there sipping your coffee I didn’t know if you were even aware of me Then, when it was time for you to go Wouldn’t you know… You got up and said, “Thank you, Sir” I really want to thank you, [...] Related songs: The Who Verse And Chorus The Sting […]
    • The Who
      LYRICS I’m sitting on the fence And, it’s never over you Form this point-of-view It’s easy to see through Plenty of evidence For what it is that’s true I’m sitting on the fence And, it’s never over you Will our species do What we all need to? Plenty of reverence Is way, way overdue I’m [...] Related songs: Verse And Chorus Angels Parade Flight Itinerary […]
    • Advertising On Facebook
      Advertising on Facebook is not recommended. Since Facebook was created as a non-commercial social network, advertising on Facebook may actually cause an adverse reaction. Self-promotion is inevitable on Facebook. The trick is to not come across as self-promoting. Get expert help. Select an Internet marketing expert to help you integrate your Internet presenc […]
    • Space Debris and Data Security
      Cyber Security at the Membrane Domain Hire Cyber Security Experts   Committed to promoting safety and transparency in the space domain, U.S. Strategic Command maintains a registry of tens of thousands of man-made objects in space and shares the information freely with anyone who seeks it through a command-run website. Air Force Space Command, recognizing [.. […]
    • National Academy Of Sciences
      In March of 1863, President Lincoln and Congress established the National Academy of Sciences as an independent and nonprofit institution charged with providing the government with the scientific advice that it needed. Today President Obama joined the current members of that body to celebrate the advances in science, engineering, infrastructure, innovation, […]
    • Sound Sorcerer Source
      LYRICS There’s a sound in me There’s one in you, too Depending on maybe… It’s in a different key Be it in major Be it in minor Depending on the mood of the day Chorus Be it a tiger Be it a panther Moves the spirits on their way Chorus Sound Sorcerer Source.mp3 ABOUT THE [...] Related songs: Scorpio Rising Verse And Chorus A Little Give […]
    • She Spent The Money
      LYRICS She spent the money You know she spent the money So, she could hire an esquire To acquire what the children desire to aspire She spent the money You know she spent the money Way less than being funny More akin to a pitiful soul, Honey She spent the money You know she spent [...] Related songs: Verse And Chorus A Better Mouse Trap Flight Itinerary […]