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    • with Danny Lynch
      with Danny LynchMighty OV at Grape Streetwith @[1004102018:2048:Danny Lynch] […]
    • Thinking Outside Pandora’s Box
      LYRICS You might get more than you bargained for If you try to open it up Pandora’s box is nothing Compared to what’s in store Once you open the door The genie is out for sure Just try to begin To get her back in ABOUT THE SONG Chords — Em G Em Am G [...] Related songs: The Sting As They Should Angels Parade […]
    • As They Should
      LYRICS Some people think, as they should Then, act upon it real good Without too much talk, talk, talk Come on, Baby, let’s walk, walk, walk No, you don’t need a chain holding you back Try the love of a freedom attack Some people do, as they cold Then, follow through real good Without too [...] Related songs: Thinking Outside Pandora’s Box The Sting The But, […]
    • The Sting
      I saw a plain wrapper Conducting a caper ABOUT THE SONG Chords — Capo 2 A C Made in the USA (Ambler, Montgomery County and West Chester, Chester County, Pennsylvania, United States of America.) While I was writing this song, I noticed some strange activities going on around me. There was a plain clothes detective, [...] Related songs: Angels Parade A Better […]
    • Janoski, Sierra, Patty McCabe, Steven Lord
      Janoski, Sierra, Patty McCabe, Steven LordNew Holland, PAJanoski, Sierra, Patty McCabe, @[100001032558669:2048:Steven Lord] […]
    • Joe DeFeo in the Studio
      Joe DeFeo recording studio in Paoli, PA with Daniel Brouse Videos […]
    • More Fire, Less Snow
      If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? The answer is yes, if it happened in New Mexico’s Jemez River Basin on June 26, 2011, at 1 p.m. local time. The tipping of one tree as it creaked and fell hinted at a […]
    • Joe Frazier Statue
      When Jesse Jackson visited Occupy Philadelphia after Joe Frazier’s funeral, he called for a statue of a real hero (as opposed to Rocky Balboa) be erected. The City Of Philadelphia has announced: Lawrence J. Nowlan will be the artist to create a statue in honor of Joe Frazier. Mr. Nowlan previously created the Harry Kalas […]
    • Spy: The Secret World of Espionage
      Franklin Institute Opens May 5 In SPY: The Secret World of Espionage, learn the importance of intelligence gathering and discover how real men and women can change the world every day—one secret at a time. Featuring over 200 historical artifacts and the stories they have to tell—including a collapsible motorbike, a two-man submersible, and a […]
    • Angels Parade
      LYRICS The angels march Angelic parade Start the search End the charade Seven trumpets herald To call to all Four beasts repeat, “holy, holy, holy” No need to be afraid The beasts are on a leash What would you trade For the best seat? Angels on parade March to a different beat Lalalalalala The stranglehold [...] Related songs: A Better Mouse Trap Chasing You […]
    • http://membrane.com/sidd/demontower.html
      http://membrane.com/sidd/demontower.htmlLinux,Physics,and Seminarmembrane.comI was rooting around in one of my closets when I came across the following Usenet post about nonrelativistic gravitational orbits, written, I regret to say, by me. I was quite horrified to realize that it took me a loong time to figure out what I had meant. So i made a picture. With […]
    • Increase Your Visibility
      Are you getting the desired results from your Internet presence? Creating a website is not enough. First, you need to have a well crafted website design that takes as much care with the HTML code as the aesthetics. Next, you need to engineer the proper web structure of pages and links. Though SEO (search engine […]
    • Firearms And Gun Control
      More on gun control: “Gun Control? We Need Bomb Control According to Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), the US government controls firearms in the following ways: Q: Does the ATF regulate the sale and possession of air guns? Is an air gun classified as a “firearm” under Federal law? The term “firearm” [...] No related posts. […]
    • Health Insurance Options for Small Business
      Small Businesses In Pennsylvania If you are a company with under 25 employees and you don’t plan on offer health insurance, here is what Obama Care means to you: Top 5 Health Care Insurance Options and Changes You Should Know About Based on Your Answers The Health Care Law and You From the new Health Insurance […]
    • Associated Press Twitter Hacked
      The Associated Press Twitter account was hacked, and a tweet was sent saying, “Breaking: Two Explosions in the White House and Barack Obama is injured.” The stock market went into a nose dive, but quickly recovered after the tweet was discovered to be fake. The situation highlighted the problem with Twitter’s security. […]
    • A Better Mouse Trap
      LYRICS There’s a panic in the house The lady saw a mouse Now, everyone’s beating a path to her door With a better mouse trap then ever before So, the mouse can’t get in Every crack and cranny they’re fillin’ When you hear the lady shout, “What are you doing? What was I thinking Givin’ [...] Related songs: Razor Face Set Your Sights High Chasing Your Own Tail […]
    • Songwriting: Dr. Jackal And Mr. Rawhide
      Pictures from the writing, studio recording and video production for the album Dr. Jackal And Mr. Rawhide […]
    • Free album of MP3 downloads "Dr. Jackal And Mr. Rawhide" http://idea.membrane.co...
      Free album of MP3 downloads "Dr. Jackal And Mr. Rawhide" http://idea.membrane.com/songwriter/tag/dr-jackal-and-mr-rawhide/Tag Archives: Dr. Jackal and Mr. Rawhideidea.membrane.com […]
    • Razor Face Videos
      From the song *Razor Face* (Lyrics, Chords and Free MP3) 1:53 Razor Face: How to Play the Guitar 6:38 Razor Face Song (Progressive Americana Rock). […]
    • Razor Face
      LYRICS You have a mouth that’s a razor Your words cut to the very core You a real trail blazer Never cease to amaze Her Look, God! No hands Or, maybe it’s that no one understands? You have a tongue that’s a laser Your words seeing what’s in store You have the touch of a [...] Related songs: Chasing Your Own Tail The Promise Boston Baked Beings […]