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    • Last of the Golden Age Sage
      LYRICS They say, they say We’re out of the Golden Age We’re past the Uranium Age We’ve entered the Plutonium Age Say, say what do you say? Even after generation upon generation upon generation Upon sage upon sage upon sage We rolled out of the Golden age “You are now leaving the Golden Age” How [...] Related songs: Mayhem Ma’am? Scorpio Rising Purple And Ora […]
    • Yahoo! RSS pipes feed: http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/pipe.run?_id=c6d836f18e46718...
      Yahoo! RSS pipes feed: http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/pipe.run?_id=c6d836f18e46718d8bb5c66bb7dbc2a0&_render=rsslocal / globalpipes.yahoo.comArt, music, entertainment, the environment, energy, computers and the Internet, news, opinion, science, global warming and climate change, business, economics.. […]
    • That I Am
      LYRICS Thank you for putting me here, my Lord For that I am I can bare witness to this Yes, I can For that I am ’cause I’m here And, it’s now That I am And, it is I can bare witness to this Thank you for putting me here, my Lord So, I can [...] Related songs: Can Do Around Yes, Please. Human! […]
    • New song releases RSS feed: http://idea.membrane.com/songwriter/feed/
      New song releases RSS feed: http://idea.membrane.com/songwriter/feed/Danielidea.membrane.comSinger / Songwriter / Lyrics […]
    • Come To Life: The demo/ country-folk-rock music version: http://youtu.be/vEN1QEV...
      Come To Life: The demo/ country-folk-rock music version: http://youtu.be/vEN1QEV4l7cCome To Life: Country Song Version by Daniel BrouseThis is the demo / country-folk-rock version. More info., free MP3, lyrics and chords at: http://idea.membrane.com/songwriter/2013/04/02/come-to-life/ […]
    • Studio Recording and Video Production: Believe
      Writing and recording Believe (Music Videos, MP3, Lyrics and Chords) […]
    • Good God
      Good God.mp3 (Free MP3 Streaming or Download) LYRICS Good, good job Did the best that you can Heart, heart throb Put the beat into man Chorus Made it all Before the seventh day Then took a day Just to pray God damn, woman I can’t understand Why punish the children For the love they’re buildin’ [...] Related songs: Move Love (Part II) Wanna Do Blues Our Count […]
    • Come To Life
      LYRICS You come into life As though you’re here to stay I’m sorry to tell you It’s just not that way Chorus Enjoy each day As if it’s your last ’cause every lifetime is sure to pass Conquer our strife Keep evil at bay The fortune to tell you You’re found the right way Chorus [...] Related songs: Meaning Of Must Mayhem Ma’am? Dance Of Life […]
    • Red Cross: No Vacancy
      Mission Moment: Full House, The Need is Great American Red Cross Southeastern PA crown jewel of disaster recovery is the Red Cross House, the only one of its kind in America. In recent weeks, Red Cross House has been exceedingly busy, often filled to capacity. In this mission moment, you’ll learn more about what Red […]
    • Google Privacy Policy Violations
      The U.K., France, Italy, and Germany have found Google to be in breach of their agreement to uphold consumers’ privacy. Members of the European Union found Google in violation about a year ago when Google (also owner of YouTube) merged about 60 privacy policies into one single policy. Google responded, “Our privacy policy respects European […]
    • Brainstorm
      President Obama unveiled the “BRAIN” Initiative—a bold new research effort to revolutionize our understanding of the human mind and uncover new ways to treat, prevent, and cure brain disorders like Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, autism, epilepsy, and traumatic brain injury. The BRAIN Initiative — short for Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechno […]
    • Freedom Kingdom
      Freedom Kingdom.mp3 LYRICS Give me freedom, and I’ll be home Land, sea or foam Wherever I may roam Give me freedom, and I’ll be home Give me freedom, and I’m coming home Give me freedom, and I’ll be home Add a dash of liberty The taste we shall hone So, the flavor is just right [...] Related songs: Please Do NOT Be Dumb with Freedom Hear Comes The Sun You Sh […]
    • What do you believe in? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DK_ILcdGxy4&feature=share...
      What do you believe in? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DK_ILcdGxy4&feature=share&list=UUFGp188TnIRcwcqpvloMMhwBelieve: The Song with Music, Lyrics and Video by Daniel BrouseFree MP3, lyrics and information at: http://idea.membrane.com/songwriter/2013/03/31/believe/ ABOUT THE SONG Chords — Eb Bb Gb (guitar tuned 1/2 step flat) Wr... […]
    • Believe The Music Video
      3:05 Believe: The Song with Music, Lyrics and Video by Daniel Brouse / KingArthur.Com Free MP3, lyrics and information: ABOUT THE SONG Chords — Eb Bb Gb (guitar tuned 1/2 step flat) Written and recorded… […]
    • Stampede In Our Own Confusion
      Stampede In Our Own Confusion Demo.mp3 LYRICS Who let the fox in the hen house again? (repeat x3) As long as we don’t cluck And, &^$% things up If we all start panicking We’ll stampede in our own confusion Like sitting ducks on the first day of huntin’ (repeat x3) Probably should take flight Before [...] Related songs: Flash Mob Flamenco You Shine Throug […]
    • Ode to Frank Zappa Politics
      “Politics is the entertainment arm of industry.” – Frank Zappa LYRICS Beam me down, Scotty Beam me down All our sensors have found There’s nothing around Scottie Beam me down On the ground What I fear Was found… No intelligent life around I mean know Of the human species No, no know, no know I [...] Related songs: You Shine Through Hear Comes The Sun Visible […]
    • Believe
      LYRICS You can believe in what you want to believe in As long as your believe Or else you’ll be *it* A hypocrite Do you have faith in what you believe Then you’d better believe You better believe in what you believe Or that’s it You’re the hypocrite Do you want to believe in yourself [...] Related songs: Meaning Of Must Backtrack Distilled Spirits […]
    • Visible Life
      LYRICS Oh, can’t they see The invisible me Why, oh, why Can’t they see Do they need special glasses Or, are they just detrimental asses? Oh, can’t we be The positive we Why, oh, why Let us be! Do they need special passes Or, are they just ignorant asses? Chorus Visible Life.mp3 ABOUT THE SONG [...] Related songs: The Final Solution A Maized Ode to Frank Zapp […]
    • Hear Comes The Sun
      Hear Comes The Sun.mp3 LYRICS Whatcha gonna do If a cloud rolls through Sun’s outta view Whatcha gonna do Ya gonna huff and puff Try n’ blow away the fluff Ya can huff and puff But, you can’t blow it away Chorus Maybe if I praise n’ pray The sun will come back today ABOUT [...] Related songs: The Final Solution You Shine Through Flash Mob Flamenco […]
    • Favorite music videos: http://ygraine.membrane.com/yeeha.html
      Favorite music videos: http://ygraine.membrane.com/yeeha.htmlMusic Videos Free and Original -- Downloading of Original Songs, Lyrics, MP3, MP4, YouTube, Animatiygraine.membrane.comWhere can I find FREE FOR ALL music video downloads? Includes special links to games, movies of things smashing, wild animals, video streams, lyrics, MP3's, movies, motion pic […]