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    • Ode to Frank Zappa Politics
      LYRICS Beam me down, Scotty Beam me down All our sensors have found There’s nothing around Scottie Beam me down On the ground What I fear Was found… No intelligent life around I mean know Of the human species No, no know, no know I said, “Take me to your leader.” They said, “We have [...] Related songs: The Final Solution You Shine Through Dike […]
    • Believe
      LYRICS You can believe in what you want to believe in As long as your believe Or else you’ll be *it* A hypocrite Do you have faith in what you believe Then you’d better believe You better believe in what you believe Or that’s it You’re the hypocrite Do you want to believe in yourself [...] Related songs: Meaning Of Must Backtrack Distilled Spirits […]
    • Visible Life
      LYRICS Oh, can’t they see The invisible me Why, oh, why Can’t they see Do they need special glasses Or, are they just detrimental asses? Oh, can’t we be The positive we Why, oh, why Let us be! Do they need special passes Or, are they just ignorant asses? Chorus Visible Life.mp3 ABOUT THE SONG [...] Related songs: The Final Solution A Maized You Shine Through […]
    • Hear Comes The Sun
      Hear Comes The Sun.mp3 LYRICS Whatcha gonna do If a cloud rolls through Sun’s outta view Whatcha gonna do Ya gonna huff and puff Try n’ blow away the fluff Ya can huff and puff But, you can’t blow it away Chorus Maybe if I praise n’ pray The sun will come back today ABOUT [...] Related songs: The Final Solution You Shine Through Flash Mob Flamenco […]
    • Favorite music videos: http://ygraine.membrane.com/yeeha.html
      Favorite music videos: http://ygraine.membrane.com/yeeha.htmlMusic Videos Free and Original -- Downloading of Original Songs, Lyrics, MP3, MP4, YouTube, Animatiygraine.membrane.comWhere can I find FREE FOR ALL music video downloads? Includes special links to games, movies of things smashing, wild animals, video streams, lyrics, MP3's, movies, motion pic […]
    • Original Easter Music: http://membrane.com/Easter/
      Original Easter Music: http://membrane.com/Easter/fEaster famine? / Easter Music -- For Free MP3 Music Downloads, Songs, Soundtracks, Music Video Downmembrane.comWhere I can find a website with free Easter Music in MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Streaming Multimedia and Music Video formats. […]
    • Jesus Vampire
      LYRICS Jesus vampire… Upon your empire? Somewhere along the line People thought it would be just fine To claim it as their own (The Martyr’s throne) Like the Pope’s empire Built on Jesus The Vampire Once you’re a vampire You can’t retire Nails through the hands and feet Step right this way and get your [...] Related songs: Scorpio Rising Purple And Orange Ma […]
    • Black Magic
      Black Magic.mp3 LYRICS That would be tragic If you fell victim to black magic “From there I shall come to judge the quick… And, the dead.” Lively up yourself Don’t be no dread That would be tragic If you fell victim to black magic For you mental health Don’t cast a spell on yourself That [...] Related songs: Around Can Do Rise! […]
    • The Flash Mob Flamenco Music Video
      2:38 Flash Mob Flamenco Song by Daniel Brouse KingArthurCom Free MP3, lyrics, chords and liner notes at: http://idea.membrane.com/songwriter/2013/03/29/flash-mob-flamenco/ […]
    • Great local bands at a *Free For All* charity event including The Pretty Dittys
      Great local bands at a *Free For All* charity event including The Pretty Dittys […]
    • Flash Mob Flamenco
      LYRICS Clap your hands Stomp your feet Go! Take flamenco to the streets Robin Hood Understood Flamenco flash mob The rich you rob The poor you feed Good deed indeed Chorus Repeat Flash Mob Flamenco.mp3 ABOUT THE SONG Chords — Capo 1 Am E Am C The song was inspired by Flamenco Flash Mobs. A [...] Related songs: You Shine Through The Final Solution A Maized […]
    • Flamenco Flash Mob
      Flamenco is a genre of music (song and dance) from Andalusia, Spain. The style includes cante (singing), toque (guitar playing), baile (dance) and palmas (handclaps). Song and Video Inspired by Flash Mob Flamenco Lately, protestors have incorporated Flamenco into flash mob demonstrations. Following are some headlines: “Spanish Bank Protested By Flash Mob Of […]
    • Monsanto’s Roundup-tolerant Genetically Modified Corn
      Many people are concerned about Monsanto genetically engineering food crops; however, there is no evidence that genetically modified food is harmful to your health. That is to say, at least the plant is harmful to humans. On the other hand, Monsanto developed Roundup — a commercially available herbicide (also known as Glyphosate.) Roundup has been [...] Rela […]
    • A Maized
      LYRICS The children run through the corn Wonder what I can learn Amazed at the maize The genies of indigenous Americans The rats at Monsanto… don’t know know… engineer rat tolerant maize The health effects of Roundup-tolerant genetically modified corn Maybe instead we should get on the horn And, warn about the Roundup… instead (Call [...] Related songs: You […]
    • The Best Of Album: http://idea.membrane.com/
      The Best Of Album: http://idea.membrane.com/idea.membrane.com | Thinking Up Thoughtsidea.membrane.comThis part of the Membrane is meant to be an experiment in A BEST OF ALBUM… a collection of my favorite songs… put together as kind-of a songbook. A gift to you. I hope there is enjoyment, entertainment, enlightenment or something like that. […]
    • Mayhem Ma’am?
      LYRICS Excuse me, Ma’am Did you say mayhem? I don’t know that’s who I am Excuse me, Ma’am Were you addressing me If so, I’ll try to see Excuse me, Ma’am Did you say mayhem? I didn’t ever want to be the master Of what you would consider disaster Excuse me, Ma’am Did you say [...] Related songs: Wish This Purple And Orange Scorpio Rising […]
    • Songwriting Sessions
      From the Singer / Songwriter Recording Sessions […]
    • Dike
      LYRICS Can you take a look Help me get a grip Do I have a big fat lip? Chorus Been insulted… been assaulted Victim of Lady Justice No mate for Goddess Maat Isis ain’t in this thesis “If some god has been holding the balance of Dike….” Imbalance they strike The Man comes Knocks you [...] Related songs: You Shine Through The Final Solution Say What […]
    • Favorite Videos
        3:36 Astral Airlines Animation Music Video by Daniel… 2:23 Janet Welch Will You Be My Valentine by Daniel … 2:48 Spread It! (All Over the World) by Daniel Brouse 5:08 Phoenix Bird On Fire 2:44 Meaning Of Must Song: Lyrics, Music, Animation …  3:03 Noah’s Ark Or Carnival Cruise by Daniel Brouse 3:32 After […]
    • The Membrane Domain: http://membrane.com/
      The Membrane Domain: http://membrane.com/Membrane.com | Everything at the Membrane Domaineverything.membrane.comRock n’ Roll Romper RoomInternet GazetteArtsBusiness & The EconomyChaos TheoryCompaniesComputers & The InternetStop Domestic ViolenceLinksEducation & InternetUGlistening Trail RecordsGlobal Warming (Trees)GovernanceHealth […]