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    • Our Country Cause Of We
      Our Country Cause Of We.mp3 LYRICS Looking around me, I must confess… I must confess We’ve made a mess Focusing to see, the giant mess… A giant mess We need address Chorus We’re clogging up and hogging up ’till we fail the test We’re chocking up… lack of mopping up ’till the rest ain’t left [...] Related songs: Move Love (Part II) Wanna Do Blues Dry Your I […]
    • Rise!
      Rise! .mp3   LYRICS When you lookout, lookout, lookout From behind your eyes Is it any… surprise?!?! Got to get up, get up, get up And, rise When you stand up, stand up, stand up For what you believe You will bring… relief Surmise — rise! Got to get up, get up, get up And, [...] Related songs: Own Worst Enemy In America Carnival Cruise […]
    • Own Worst Enemy
      A song inspired by a friend’s Facebook post: So, 88-98% of corn, cotton (cotton oil–as in what a lot of potato chips are cooked in), canola oil, and soybean crops grown are genetically engineered. About 80% of the crops are to feed livestock. So what evolution has taken 3 billion years to create, humankind can [...] Related songs: Scissor Massacre Jah The Da […]
    • Top MP3 Downloads and Music Videos: http://membrane.com/rombox.html
      Top MP3 Downloads and Music Videos: http://membrane.com/rombox.htmlMusic Charts: Top 40 Songs, Downloads, Top Of The Pops, Favorite Songs, Hit Singles, Free MP3's, Dowmembrane.comFree MP3 downloads, music videos, downloading and streaming music sites. Modern, Comtemporary, Rock, Alternative, Pop, Folk, Country, Jazz, Garage, Experimental, Soul, Spiritua […]
    • Energy
      The President on energy: Few areas hold more promise for creating good jobs and growing our economy than how we use American energy, and today President Obama visited the Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois to talk about the progress we are seeing from his all of the above approach to energy independence and the risk [...] Related posts:Wasting Energy Is […]
    • Political Action: http://www.politicalaction.com/
      Political Action: http://www.politicalaction.com/Politics, Elections and the United States of America: Take Action -- Political Action Committee (PACwww.politicalaction.com […]
    • Wanna Do Blues
      LYRICS I got the wanna do The wanna do Got the wanna do right blues If I see injustice I just can’t pass Got to do something… something fast ‘for I get the wanna do blues Chorus Less the wanna do blues Turns to don’t want dues blues Less the wanna do blues Yields don’t [...] Related songs: Dry Your I Move Love (Part II) Piano Concerto D6 […]
    • Move Love (Part II)
      Move Love Part II .mp3 LYRICS Lord, please, a little advice Love to do more for you then just suffice Chorus Unload The next episode Move on down the road Lord must extract a price? Forgives sins… doesn’t think twice. Chorus Jesus! Oh, Jesus Christ Show us the wounds of sacrifice Chorus ABOUT THE SONG [...] Related songs: Dry Your I Move Love Piano Concerto […]
    • The Story of Digital Yoda published in the 90's: http://membrane.com/yoda.html
      The Story of Digital Yoda published in the 90's: http://membrane.com/yoda.htmlDigital Yoda's Homepage: An original musical pioneer, tunesmith, composer, director, conductor, wrimembrane.comFreely available downloads of music videos in MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, MP3 songs, soundtracks, Real Player streaming video and audio, shows, live concerts and such. […]
    • Move Love
      LYRICS I’m comin’ at… I’m comin’ at ya’ll Coming to you all Digital Packed as zeros and ones Through the bandwidth it runs Listen to it run In one end Runs out the other end Can’t be sent digital Not at all When it comes out the other end If you want the message to [...] Related songs: Backtrack Distilled Spirits Birth Of Earth […]
    • Birth Of Earth
      Birth Of Earth.mp3 LYRICS Do you think when God was giving birth to the Earth That maybe, maybe, maybe It was like having a baby Oh, baby Or, maybe it was more like getting sick Quick! Grab a bucket Do you think when God was giving birth to the Earth That maybe, maybe, maybe It [...] Related songs: Distilled Spirits Centaur Backtrack […]
    • Golden Fleece by AiRPLAY
        recorded Live on March 16, 2013 recorded at OVERFLOW STUDiOS in Philadelphia, PA released 17 March 2013 Jonathan Gambino – Drums Connor McHugh – Guitar Daniel Brouse – Organ Rick Reinhart – Bass […]
    • Homegrown Philly music Jonathan Gambino - Drums Connor McHugh - Guitar Daniel Br...
      Homegrown Philly music Jonathan Gambino - Drums Connor McHugh - Guitar Daniel Brouse - Organ Rick Reinhart - Bass http://connormchugh.bandcamp.com/album/golden-fleece-epGOLDEN FLEECE EP, by AiRPLAY4 track album […]
    • Mattering
      by Jim McGovern She had a four-wheel walker, and she was moving in super slow motion. ‘It’s a bit chilly, I need my sweater,’ she said sort of to me. But she declined my offer to help. She fussed with it for a while, but she did get it on. My bet is she is […]
    • Oncoming Traffic
      Oncoming Traffic.mp3 LYRICS If your ball should roll out onto the road Before you run out, watch for the oncoming load When you run out into traffic It could end up tragic Not the story you want told “Tragic.. died before he was old.” Wonder who built the roads anyway? Now they just seem in [...] Related songs: Any Which Way Irreverent Relevant Elephant Subl […]
    • Piano Concerto D6
      Instrumental Piano Concerto D6 Number 5.mp3 ABOUT THE SONG Chords — Em D6 G Em An extemporaneous 1-track stereo recording made in West Chester, Chester County, Pennsylvania, United States of America. Daniel — Piano From the Sir Vent album of music In Song By Daniel Brouse Related songs: Dry Your I Move Love (Part II) In America […]
    • Dry Your I
      Dry Your Eye (I).mp3 LYRICS There’s no sense in crying Over yesterday Make thunder and lightening Show us the way Move into the light Turn everything alright Move into the light Giving third-eye-sight Move into the light Bring enlightenment to the night Move into the light 3rd Eye insight ABOUT THE SONG Chords — D [...] Related songs: Move Love (Part II) Pia […]
    • Centaur
      Centaur.mp3 (free download) LYRICS Look deep inside Have I the courage to ride? Envision a creature Half woman… half horse A significant feature – Majestic wings To take flight… of course The prophecy She brings Centaur: God sent her Heard the wings huge whirr So fast as to blur Descending from heaven Calming the heathen [...] Related songs: Distilled Spirit […]
    • The Hooters: http://youtu.be/NvVDBQ-UU38
      The Hooters: http://youtu.be/NvVDBQ-UU38The Hooters - Brother, Don't You Walk AwayMusic video by The Hooters performing Brother, Don't You Walk Away. (C) 1989 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT […]
    • Solar Storms
      G1 (Minor) storming is expected on March 16th and G2 (Moderate) geomagnetic storming is expected on the 17th from this morning’s coronal mass ejection. The CME is the bright loop leaving the Sun to the upper left of the circular center in the image below (Image Credit ESA/NASA SOHO LASCO). […]