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    • Oncoming Traffic
      Oncoming Traffic.mp3 LYRICS If your ball should roll out onto the road Before you run out, watch for the oncoming load When you run out into traffic It could end up tragic Not the story you want told “Tragic.. died before he was old.” Wonder who built the roads anyway? Now they just seem in [...] Related songs: Any Which Way Irreverent Relevant Elephant Subl […]
    • Piano Concerto D6
      Instrumental Piano Concerto D6 Number 5.mp3 ABOUT THE SONG Chords — Em D6 G Em An extemporaneous 1-track stereo recording made in West Chester, Chester County, Pennsylvania, United States of America. Daniel — Piano From the Sir Vent album of music In Song By Daniel Brouse Related songs: Dry Your I Dance Of Life In America […]
    • Dry Your I
      Dry Your Eye (I).mp3 LYRICS There’s no sense in crying Over yesterday Make thunder and lightening Show us the way Move into the light Turn everything alright Move into the light Giving third-eye-sight Move into the light Bring enlightenment to the night Move into the light 3rd Eye insight ABOUT THE SONG Chords — D [...] Related songs: Her Eyes Upon Me Dance […]
    • Centaur
      Centaur.mp3 (free download) LYRICS Look deep inside Have I the courage to ride? Envision a creature Half woman… half horse A significant feature – Majestic wings To take flight… of course The prophecy She brings Centaur: God sent her Heard the wings huge whirr So fast as to blur Descending from heaven Calming the heathen [...] Related songs: Distilled Spirit […]
    • The Hooters: http://youtu.be/NvVDBQ-UU38
      The Hooters: http://youtu.be/NvVDBQ-UU38The Hooters - Brother, Don't You Walk AwayMusic video by The Hooters performing Brother, Don't You Walk Away. (C) 1989 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT […]
    • Solar Storms
      G1 (Minor) storming is expected on March 16th and G2 (Moderate) geomagnetic storming is expected on the 17th from this morning’s coronal mass ejection. The CME is the bright loop leaving the Sun to the upper left of the circular center in the image below (Image Credit ESA/NASA SOHO LASCO). […]
    • Backtrack
      LYRICS Gonna move along Without any trace or track If I don’t leave a track Can’t backtrack Gotta move ahead No sense rehashing everything we said Gonna roll down the road Gonna roll this old soul This rolling stone will gather no moss Not gonna leave destiny to the ole coin toss Gotta take charge [...] Related songs: Distilled Spirits Divining Rod Band-age […]
    • Distilled Spirits
      LYRICS There’s a place below absolute zero you can go Where the evil spirits can’t go… the temperature is too low A place where freewill will And, the evil spirits distill Someplace low, low, low, low, low Where the evil spirits can’t go They can’t go Distill the evil spirits (and, they fear it.) The [...] Related songs: Divining Rod Any Which Way Say What […]
    • Divining Rod
      LYRICS There was a protracted, aggravated dry spell About the only song written was “Oh, Well“, well Once there was a length of time When nothing would rhyme Aggravatingly long dry spell Needed a diving rod For some spiritual inspiration Something from God… An Act Of God So, we could get some H2O penetration Divining [...] Related songs: Sublimate Any Which […]
    • Web Design Services, S.E.O. and Reputation Management
      Glistening Web Communications Corporation has been designing top performance websites since 1994. A Website is your “Front Door” along the Information Superhighway. From it, customers can gather information about your organization, product, or service, and interact with your sales staff, helping to increase your bottom line. Success from your web presence is […]
    • Any Which Way
      LYRICS Any which way As long as it’s the highway I’ve been listening to you all night and day The only thing I’ve got to say… Any which way As long as it’s the highway All night and day I have to sit and listen to what you say Any which way As long as [...] Related songs: The Voice And We All Bleed Sublimate […]
    • Dirk Quinn Band tour dates: https://www.facebook.com/events/619340091415982/
      Dirk Quinn Band tour dates: https://www.facebook.com/events/619340091415982/ […]
    • Tonight live music in Exton at the Wyndam, New Holand at The Ritz On Main and Th...
      Tonight live music in Exton at the Wyndam, New Holand at The Ritz On Main and The Old Schoolhouse in Compass, PA. […]
    • Choice for Women in Pennsylvania
      by the ACLU Some legislators in Harrisburg will stop at nothing to bar women from accessing safe, legal abortion – even if it means endangering their health. Their latest efforts, Senate Bill 3, House Bill 742, and House Bill 818, would ban private insurance companies from covering abortion services for patients in Pennsylvania’s new health [...] No related […]
    • Iraq
      by United for Peace and Justice Ten years ago this month the United Sates embarked on one of the worst foreign policy decisions in the nation’s history. Fooling itself into believing that U.S. soldiers would be welcomed as liberators, the Bush Administration ordered the invasion of Iraq. March 19th began a more intensified subjugation and [...] Related posts […]
    • The Race Is On
      LYRICS Said, the cat to the mouse, “The race is on” You know the race is on Run! The race is on You know the race is on When you hear the starting gun The race is on It’s time to run Said, the dog to the cat, “The race is on… Didn’t you hear [...] Related songs: Say What And We All Bleed Sublimate […]
    • 1/3 And 666
      LYRICS One-third as a decimal Point three three until eternity 1/3 as a decimal Repeating 3 to infinity Bridge Em add C Opposite is 666 Solving your perplex Moral of the tale: Devil is in the detail One-Third And 666.mp3 ABOUT THE SONG Chords — Capo 2 E G E Cm7 C D E A [...] Related songs: Knowledge, Reason And Logic Never The Regret Everafter […]
    • The great race against time: http://kingarthur.com/games/begin.html
      The great race against time: http://kingarthur.com/games/begin.htmlANTI I.Q. TEST Start Here Page: A free, fun, award winning, contest, game, puzzle, thingie.kingarthur.com […]
    • Tonight... live music in Thorndale, PA https://www.facebook.com/grillatfore?ref=...
      Tonight... live music in Thorndale, PA https://www.facebook.com/grillatfore?ref=ts&fref=ts And, Exton Ron's Original BarForeYour food is prepared fresh daily and cooked to order. […]
    • Chance Last Dance
      Chance Last Dance Part 2.mp3 LYRICS Last chance If you knew this was your last chance Would you take the opportunity to dance? If you knew this was the last dance Would you take the opportunity Would you take the chance? Let’s not let the opportunity lapse Let’s not let all our future drain into [...] Related songs: Giving Love A Chance Dance Dance Of Life S […]