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    • 30 Seconds to Mars Goes into Space
      NASA has launched the new song by 30 Seconds To Mars into space aboard a Falcon 9 rocket headed to the International Space Station. The song “Up in Air” is from their forthcoming album. […]
    • Riverfront Tai Chi at Glen Foerd on the Delaware
      Glen Foerd on the Delaware 5001 Grant Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19114 215 632 5330 Ten Week Series Begins Tuesday March 5th It’s Not Too Late To Sign Up! Members: $120.00 A series of 10 weekly, one hour classes will be held beginning Tuesday, March 5th at 6:30pm. This is a continuation of classes intended to […]
    • Lunch with the Easter Bunny at Glen Foerd
      Glen Foerd on the Delaware 5001 Grant Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19114 215 632 5330 Hippity hop on over to Glen Foerd on the Delaware on Saturday, March 23rd, 2013 at 11:00 AM when we will once again welcome the Easter Bunny to dine with our guests and help make our Springtime Easter Egg Hunt the […]
    • Rough And Tumble
      LYRICS Are you rough and tumble ’cause the boys want to rumble Are you tough and nimble They want to bust your bubble A-ha Ain’t trying to find trouble tonight Just trying to run to broad daylight Don’t want your trouble… Don’t want to fight We’ll watch you stumble While we choose flight Chorus Ain’t [...] Related songs: Over Hill And Over Dale Just In Time […]
    • Irish Afternoon at Glen Foerd
      Glen Foerd honors the hard work of those noble Irish lads and lassies who worked on the estates of Torresdale. Join us to enjoy the music of Timlin and Kane, participate in a raffle for baskets of Irish goods, and partake of light refreshment. The Glen Foerd Art Gallery will be open from 1:00 – […]
    • Events at Glen Foerd on the Delaware
      Glen Foerd on the Delaware, 5001 Grant Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19114 Welcome to Glen Foerd! On behalf of the Glen Foerd Conservation Corporation we are pleased to have you visit with us through our web site and in person. Our organizational mission is to preserve the last surviving riverfront estate in Philadelphia as a historic […]
    • Declining Vegetation
      Part of the study “Foliage Spoilage and the Trees’ Canopy Collapse” February 26, 2013 By Ruth Dasso Marlaire, Ames Research Center NASA scientists report that warmer temperatures and changes in precipitation locally and regionally have altered the growth of large forest areas in the eastern United States over the past 10 years. Using NASA’s Terra […]
    • http://membrane.com/free_for_all/why.html
      http://membrane.com/free_for_all/why.htmlAccessibility: fair access to informationmembrane.comWhy should I care if the website is accessible to all consumers? How does a person with disabilities use the world wide web? […]
    • Rich’s Deli, Restaurant and Catering
      Rich’s Delicatessen and Catering has locations in Ft. Washington and Spring House. 430 S. Bethlehem Pike, Fort Washington, PA 19034 (Across from the Fort Washington Septa Station) Phone: 215-646-9860 · 215-646-2686 · Fax: 215-646-6026 · Contact Us Takeout and Delivery Serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Sandwiches, Hoagies, Cheesesteaks and More….. PLEASE CA […]
    • Shades Of Gray
      LYRICS When the sky turns shades of gray From slate to goose It’s time to say, “Let mental nimbleness on the loose!” Chorus When there’s such a fine line Between right and wrong It’s time to find A heartfelt love song When the sky turns shades of gray From goose to slate It’s time to [...] Related songs: Where Did The Love Go? Valentine O Mine Getting Closer […]
    • Just In Time
      LYRICS What you see Let it be The seven seals Were unsealed The tusks Untusked The opening to the abyss Among us And, now we cause all the fuss I guess it was the fuss Because of the mess I must confess There should be a fuss about the mess caused by us It’s not [...] Related songs: Over Hill And Over Dale Dance Of Life She Is Alive […]
    • Over Hill And Over Dale
      LYRICS Over hill… over dale You’ll never ever fail Over hill. Over dale. You’ll never ever fail As long as you’re on the trail Toward the least Not the beast In the long run (fun) In the end (the message you send) Over hill… over dale Set sail For your dream And, it will seem [...] Related songs: She Is Alive Together Alone Just In Time […]
    • Together Alone
      LYRICS The more we grow together The more we need to stand alone Maintain our identity Refrain Remain a strain The more we grow together The more we need to concede A separate seed For heredity we need identity From a real gene pool If we want the continuum Together Alone Tomorrow the future will [...] Related songs: She Is Alive Dance Of Life The Speed Of L […]
    • Great Unknown
      Great Unknown: Lyrics, Chords, Information and Free MP3s Parent Directory 000114_1229-What-Is-This-Song-About-Soundcheck.mp3 000114_1231-What-Is-This-Song-About-prelude.mp3 000114_1232-What-Is-This-Song-About.mp3 000115_1233-Hummina-Soundcheck.mp3 000115_1234-Hummina-Prelude.mp3 000115_1235-Hummina.mp3 000116_1236-Lordess-Of-Destruction-Soundcheck.mp3 000116 […]
    • Noah’s Ark… or Carnival Cruise? (Music Video)
      3:03 Noahs Ark Or Carnival Cruise by Daniel Brouse KingArthurCom 11 views 20 hours ago Free MP3, lyrics, chords and liner notes: http://idea.membrane.com/songwriter/2013/02/25/carnival-cruise/ This song was inspired by the Carnival Cruise ship “Triumph”. Th… 1:53 How to Play the Guitar to Carnival Cruise by Daniel Brouse KingArthurCom 1 day ago Carnival Crui […]
    • Dance Of Life
      LYRICS If you start to doubt Know that help is on its way If you feel left out Know you’ll see a better day Chorus We all break-out in the dance of life Play guitar, fiddle or fife We all break out in the dance of life Love passes… like butter and a hot knife [...] Related songs: She Is Alive Half Full The Speed Of Light […]
    • Tax Accountant
      The Berry Group offers tax and business services to the Greater Philadelphia Region. A company dedicated to helping people and businesses manage their challenges, we believe that with proper planning, the client can achieve the desired goals. We have saved clients substantial sums of money with our bona fide methods. Member: National Society of Accountants [ […]
    • Carnival Cruise
      LYRICS Do you think we’re living… Living like we’re living on a Carnival cruise? Situation Lose – Lose – Lose Feces falling floor to floor Garbage piling toward the sky Can’t stand living with ourselves. No more! My, oh, my Putrid smell you do abhor Brings a tear makes you cry Can’t stand living with [...] Related songs: The Speed Of Light She Is Alive Carry […]
    • Sound Of Philly Music Tribute
      A memorial service was held on February 22, 2013 for legendary Philadelphia Doo Wop singer, Brian Utain. As a founding member of the singing group The Temptones, Brian sang with Daryl Hall in his first band. High Definition Pictures […]
    • with Rick Reinhart and Terry Utain
      with Rick Reinhart and Terry UtainOde To Brian Utainwith @[608008065:2048:Rick Reinhart] and @[1208595168:2048:Terry Utain] […]