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    • Valentine O Mine
      LYRICS Did I close my eyes ’cause I’m dreaming Dreaming of you It is no surprise That I’m dreaming Dreaming of being with you Should realize That you’re with me Should see That you’re with me All the time Valentine of mine Will you be my valentine? Valentine O Mine.mp3 ABOUT THE SONG Chords — [...] Related songs: Where Did The Love Go? Getting Closer Janet […]
    • Attorney General Disapproves Camelot Lottery Contract
      Harrisburg, PA – The Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General (OAG) today announced its determination that the proposed Lottery contract with Camelot Global Services violates the Pennsylvania Constitution and is not statutorily authorized. “The Office of Attorney General conducted a very thorough review of the Professional Management Agreement, the State Cons […]
    • Love Songs For Valentine's Day: http://idea.membrane.com/songwriter/category/lov...
      Love Songs For Valentine's Day: http://idea.membrane.com/songwriter/category/love-songs/Category Archives: love songsidea.membrane.com […]
    • World Citizen: http://worldcitizen.net/green/
      World Citizen: http://worldcitizen.net/green/WorldCitizen.net | Planet Earthworldcitizen.netPlanet Earth […]
    • Audience: http://membrane.com/business/web.html#traffic
      Audience: http://membrane.com/business/web.html#trafficAudience & Traffic - Internet Advertising, Marketing and Your Website: Free information and "How To membrane.comHow to make the most of your advertising dollars and marketing budget on the internet and your website. […]
    • Advertising Newsletter
        Updates Custom Search Engine now faster and more simple We’re excited to announce the new Custom Search Engine layout which combines simplicity and speed. The new Custom Search Engine takes only seconds to create and allows you to place search results in an overlay, on top of any content on your page. A faster, […]
    • Where Did The Love Go?
      LYRICS Where did the love go? Though all the promises Rings and roses Where did the love go? With all the missed kisses We’re building bridges Where did the love go? Throughout all of time Goodness shall outshine Instead of me and mine We’re in the hour of our In the era of our Era [...] Related songs: Getting Closer Janet The POW Our Hour […]
    • One of the Most Extreme Years on Record
        2012 National Events Map Click for more information  Issued January 8, 2013: The data presented in this report are final through July and preliminary from August-December. Ranks, anomalies, and percent areas may change as more complete data are received and processed. National Temperature and Precipitation Analysis   2012 National Temperature Rank Map 2012 […]
    • Ambler Events 2013
      1st Fridays: First Friday of every month Car Show: Saturday May 18, 2013 (rain date Sunday May 19th) Art and Music Festival : (New Two Day Event!!) Friday June 14 and Saturday June 15, 2013 Dog Days: Saturday August 3, 2013 Octoberfest: Saturday October 5, 2013 (rain date Sunday October 6) Halloween Event: Saturday October […]
    • Janet
      LYRICS Do you remember? Climbing on my shoulders Riding on my back Kissing by the boulders Sitting on my lap Hiking on the hill We made a bet for fun But, before you could fulfill Your life’s undone Looking down from heaven Do you remember? Do you remember… living in days like these With God’s [...] Related songs: Getting Closer With Love And Rage Making Lov […]
    • Framed
      Framed is a new American band out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania featuring the extraordinary bass playing of Rick Reinhart. Framed: The West Chester Suite.mp3 Framed: Bass Meant.mp3 Rick Reinhart — Bass Daniel Brouse — Percussion, Keyboards […]
    • You Are A Monster
      LYRICS You’re a monster You’re a monster In everything you do You do, you do In everything you will You will, you will You can’t help You’re a monster You’re larger than life You can play the bass Like a monster You can sing Like nothing Or, everything Certainly something Why did you say nothing? [...] Related songs: Lil Blues Thing Saint Peter’s Village Wha […]
    • Wall Street International with Terry Utain
      Wall Street International with Terry UtainMike Tyler at Wall Street International@[103496519734147:274:Wall Street International] with Terry Utain […]
    • Getting Closer
      Getting Closer.mp3 LYRICS Here I am There you are Aren’t we standing just a little too far Apart Let’s start Getting Closer Negate Separate Gaining closure Here I can You can, too Shouldn’t we do all we can do? Negate Separate Getting closer Abate Desperate Heart tender Tender-hearted Let’s get started ABOUT THE SONG Chords [...] Related songs: The Truth Lov […]
    • Tonight: Mike Tyler's " nEGrOMANIACS " at Wall Street International, West Philly...
      Tonight: Mike Tyler's " nEGrOMANIACS " at Wall Street International, West Philly, PA […]
    • Tonight! Citrus Distress at Thatcher McGhee's in Pompton, NJ! Come Get Weird!
      Tonight! Citrus Distress at Thatcher McGhee's in Pompton, NJ! Come Get Weird! […]
    • Spirit, mind and body: http://membrane.com/beyond/index.html
      Spirit, mind and body: http://membrane.com/beyond/index.htmlSpirit, Mind and Body: The Trilogy of Man (Websites to help you help yourself and to better serve mamembrane.comThe more you give, the more you shall receive […]
    • Stealing Candy From A Baby
      LYRICS I worked so hard for my money Since stolen by the anti-honey I watched Mama stealing candy From my baby Is there an excuse? No way! Not maybe What kind of person would do that Unkind of person just like that What kind of mother would do that Unkind sort just like that Unfit? [...] Related songs: The Truth Looking Into You God Bless Ya! […]
    • Today is the day Blind Faith formed: http://youtu.be/mUW1SGF7bR8
      Today is the day Blind Faith formed: http://youtu.be/mUW1SGF7bR8Blind Faith - Can't Find My Way Home - 1969Blind Faith - Can't Find My Way Home - 1969 […]
    • Pennsylvania Medicaid Expansion
      Dear Friend, Budgets are statements of priorities, and it is clear from this week’s state budget proposal that Governor Corbett’s priorities are simply not aligned with middle-class Pennsylvania families. Each year in Pennsylvania, uninsured patients receive nearly $1 billion in uncompensated medical care. Without coverage, their care is delayed, their condi […]