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    • Menagerie Bizarre
      LYRICS I don’t want to write About my lost girl I don’t want to write About my fast car I’d rather write how life’s an oyster And, you’re the pearl I’d rather write how life’s a cloister Menagerie bizarre So, hold on tight We’ll write, write, write Right on! Through the night Menagerie Bizarre.mp3 ABOUT [...] Related songs: Oh! Susanna (Part 2) Black And Whi […]
    • Melissa Ritti with Jimi Hendrix
      Melissa Ritti with Jimi HendrixIntroducing Melissa Ritti@[1156003275:2048:Melissa Ritti] with Jimi Hendrix […]
    • Lil Blues Thing
      LYRICS Let me tell ya a story About a little blues It’s not so much a deep purple Just a lil’ blues A little blues Just add a little green It doesn’t always have to be on the other side of the fence Hence… A little blues Lil Blues Thing.mp3 ABOUT THE SONG Chords — [...] Related songs: Can You Swim? What Are You Talking About? Defender Of The Light (Blues Son […]
    • Prepare For Severe Weather
      FEMA has issued an announcement for residents of the Northeastern United States to be prepared for severe weather. FEMA encourages all individuals in areas where severe weather is expected to monitor NOAA Weather Radio, and local news for severe weather updates and warnings and to always follow the direction provided by local officials. When natural […]
    • Delaware Valley Health and Wellness Network: http://philanet.com/dvwn/
      Delaware Valley Health and Wellness Network: http://philanet.com/dvwn/Health and Wellness Network - Holistic and Alternative Practices Including Breast Surgery and Familyphilanet.comInformation on holistic medicine, holistic doctors, holistic practitioners, complementary medicine, alternative medicine, including treatments, methods, education, credentials, t […]
    • Carotenoids
      Carotenoids “Carotenoids are a group of more than 700 compounds that produce the red, yellow, and orange colors found in many fruits and vegetables. Beta carotene (also called provitamin A) is the most widely studied carotenoid, but others are proving to be of great interest. Carotenoids are neither vitamins nor phytochemicals, but are proving to [...] No re […]
    • Immigration Reform
      President Obama spoke from Las Vegas about creating a fair and effective immigration system that lives up to our heritage as a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants. “I’m here because most Americans agree that it’s time to fix a system that’s been broken for way too long.” President Obama said. “I’m here [...] No related posts. […]
    • Create an Anonymous Email Address
      To secure your data and reduce SPAM sent to your business as well as to your private email account, get a dedicated address for internet postings. Never use your business email address for posting guestbook entries, votes, or questions and answers in forums and surveys. It’s good to be reachable in these situations, but best […]
    • How to Gain Power Over Energy
      Did you know that 40% of the electricity used to power home electronics is consumed while they are turned off? And did you know the electricity it takes to power a single 100-watt light bulb for one year is generated by 713 pounds of coal? With electricity outlets in every building and gas stations on […]
    • 10 Simple Rules for Connecting to the Internet
      Every business and non-profit organization should have a WRITTEN security plan in place before individuals connect to the Internet. Every business and non-profit organization should have security training and procedures in place BEFORE connecting their private networks to the Internet. 10 Security Points to Consider BEFORE Connecting to the Internet […]
    • Corporate Sustainability
      Each winter in Davos, world leaders and captains of industry gather to discuss the most pressing issues on the planet. For the past seven years, this amazing event has also hosted the launch of the annual “Global 100 Most Sustainable Companies,” published by the Canadian media and research firm, Corporate Knights. Sustainability ratings matter! And […]
    • Great Live Music fo' Freeee in West Chester http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9m4E...
      Great Live Music fo' Freeee in West Chester http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9m4Ep3xSYs&feature=share&list=UUFGp188TnIRcwcqpvloMMhwAlicia McDevitt Kennth Smyth Live Music West Chester PA […]
    • Alicia McDevitt singing her pipes in West Chester
      Alicia McDevitt singing her pipes in West ChesterAlicia McDevitt and Kenneth Smyth@[720807048:2048:Alicia McDevitt] singing her pipes in West Chester […]
    • What You Don’t Know About Financial Aid
      Wednesday, February 13, 2013 12:30pm until 1:20pm POTTSTOWN, PA — Montgomery County Community College’s West Campus Speaker Series will present a talk on “Things You Don’t Know About Financial Aid” in the South Hall Community Room, 101 College Drive, Pottstown. Holly Parker from MCCC’s Financial Aid Office will provide a basic overview of financial aid, [... […]
    • Can You Swim?
      LYRICS Everybody out of the pool! Look out Here comes the flood Unless you don’t want your blood As long as you want your blood to flow I hope you know… Know how to swim The situation Your going against the current By the way You’re not making any headway When you’re swimming up stream [...] Related songs: What Are You Talking About? Lil Blues Thing Ain’t Fa […]
    • What Are You Talking About?
      LYRICS What are you talking about? What are you talking about? I can see your lips move But, I can’t understand What you demand Who made you king of the world What are you talking about? Have you gone mad Trying to make people sad It’s been way too long that you’ve been wrong I [...] Related songs: Can You Swim? Way Quality Of Life […]
    • Philadelphia News: http://philadelphia.philanet.com/
      Philadelphia News: http://philadelphia.philanet.com/PhilaNet.comphiladelphia.philanet.comPosted in Art, Communities, music | Tags: Art, bands, entertainment, free family fun, fun, live, music, music festival, party, Philadelphia, Raise The Vibration | Comments Off […]
    • RomBox http://rombox.com/
      RomBox http://rombox.com/ […]
    • Her Eyes Upon Me
      Her Eyes Upon Me.mp3 LYRICS Is she looking at me? As she walks in the door Across the dance floor Beaming from ear-to-ear With the smile upon her face Drawing ever near Wrapping arms around me in an embrace Is she looking at me? She looks me in the eye Then, I know She looks [...] Related songs: Sour Suite Fat Chance Therapeutic Music […]
      22) Mission – “My life is my message,” says Gandhi. Write down what you want to stand for in your life. Note at least one way you can show, through action, that you stand for your beliefs. Take this action today. Well…, I guess truth, justice, and the american way are just way out of the […]