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    • Itching Energy
      Itching Energy.mp3 LYRICS There’s something that’s in me An itching energy That’s busting, busting, busting out to be A golden synergy Like electricity There’s something that’s in me An itching energy That’s busting, busting, busting out to be Praise God for eternity… or, at least relativity? ABOUT THE SONG Chords — Capo 2 E E9 [...] Related songs: Great Unk […]
    • Wildfires in Tasmania are Devilish
      Wildfires in the Tasmania region of Australia have started burning out of control forcing hundreds of people to seek refuge by running into the ocean to be rescued by boats. “Much of Australia is experiencing a heatwave, and temperatures in the Tasmanian state capital Hobart earlier reached a record high of 41C. Some took shelter […]
    • Global Warming And Climate Volatility
      As part of the Human Induced Climate Change Experiment, we have been predicting the effects of global warming on climate volatility. Indeed, we have seen a marked severity in volatile weather systems. 2012 went down as the hottest year in recorded history. Though we are only several days into January, the year is already setting […]
    • Warren Buffett on the Debt Ceiling
      “I could end the deficit in 5 minutes,” he told Becky Quick. “You just pass a law that says that anytime there is a deficit of more than 3% of GDP, all sitting members of Congress are ineligible for re-election.” “You really don’t have any business by playing Russian roulette to get your way in [...] No related posts. […]
    • Lordess Of Destruction
      Lordess Of Destruction Part 3.mp3 LYRICS Do you thirst to see blood? Do you like to see people dragged through the mud? Lordess Of Darkness I suppose you’re your own curse You weren’t quite fortunate enough To be fetched by a hearse You’re just a living zombie A shell of a body Foul You’ve got [...] Related songs: Elixir Hummina Hummina Hummina What Is This […]
    • Plenty of great music in Philly tonight: https://www.facebook.com/events/4230672...
      Plenty of great music in Philly tonight: https://www.facebook.com/events/423067257762332/ […]
    • Songwriting: The Elixir
      Photos of the Korg Nano Keyboard used for electric piano on the song Elixir (Free MP3 Download, Midi and Lyrics)     […]
    • Elixir
      Elixir (Keys-Roads-Trip-E-Piano).mid LYRICS If you’re feeling down and out Let music show you what She’s about Music can cure your soul If your healing from life’s toll Share the feeling with a shout Singing can cure your soul (May the music sooth your soul) Elixir.mp3 ABOUT THE SONG Chords — C CM7 C C add9 [...] Related songs: Great Unknown Hummina Hummina […]
    • Why are the trees dying? http://membrane.com/trees/
      Why are the trees dying? http://membrane.com/trees/Trees Are Dying, Massive Tree Death and Declining Forestsmembrane.comWhy are the trees dying in North America? Vegetation in decline. Pollution and global warming threaten plants and animals. Defoliation, deforestation, leaf death, acid rain and ozone pollution study of the dying forests. Ozone devastates an […]
    • An I For An I
      A new music album by The Beatless Sense Mongers Lyrics And Liner Notes Scissor Massacre USA.mp4 scissor-massacre/ Parent Directory 010408_1065-killing-me.mp3 010408_1067-killing-me-with-insanity.mp3 010408_1068-Please-Do-NOT-Be-Dumb-soundcheck.mp3 010408_1069-Please-Do-NOT-Be-Dumb-1.mp3 010408_1070-Please-Do-NOT-Be-Dumb-2.mp3 010408_1071-Please-Do-NOT-Be-Dum […]
    • Hummina Hummina Hummina
      LYRICS Hummina hummina hummina If someone comes up to you on the street And, tries to give you some discrete… or less than discrete Tries to give a piece concrete Evidence Which is summed up with the hummina hummina hummina My suggestion Run Or, if you want to have some fun Go ahead and engage [...] Related songs: Great Unknown Lordess Of Destruction What Is […]
      16) Gratitude – On her show Oprah Winfrey frequently promotes the daily practice of gratitude. Begin the day by listing five things for which you are grateful and end it by sharing with one person all of the good things that happened to you today. Now I don’t know if anyones figured out this as of […]
    • Rob Perna Jr. Bands
      Search results for “Rob Perna, Jr.”: 4:03 Rob Perna Jr Band Alicia McDevitt West Chester … No views | 12 minutes ago 13:22 Rob Perna Jr Band Birthday Party Downingtown PA… 28 views | 4 days ago 9:10 Local Dub Rob Perna Jr Birthday Party 2012 3 9 views | 4 days ago 1:52 Local […]
    • Songwriting: The Great Unknown
      Writing the title track for the album The Great Unknown   […]
    • The health and wellness guide to edible plants: http://membrane.com/food/
      The health and wellness guide to edible plants: http://membrane.com/food/Edible Plants -- Guide To Edible Plants, Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, Flowers & Medicinal Plantsmembrane.comFREE FOR ALL -- listing of plant foods that are naturally good for you to eat, provide health benefits, offer wellness and illness prevention or help cure ailments with alternat […]
    • Snow Covered Desert
      While snow coverage has been retreating in the Northeastern United States, the increased volatile weather systems being caused by global warming are causing it to snow in the desert. Snow-Covered Desert Snow-covered deserts are rare, but that’s exactly what the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Aqua satellite observed as it pass […]
    • Beware Of Ransomware
      A new extortion technique is being deployed by cyber-criminals using the Citadel malware platform to deliver Reveton ransomware. The latest version of the ransomware uses the name of the Internet Crime Complaint Center to frighten victims into sending money to the perpetrators. In addition to instilling a fear of prosecution, this version of the malware [... […]
    • Great Unknown
      The Great Unknown.mp3 LYRICS The Great Unknown x2 There’s much to learn About the great unknown The Great Unknown x2 The more that we see The less great it will be If you really want to set yourself free Get knowing… it’s sheer ecstasy The Great Unknown x2 Increasing comprehension In the great unknown ABOUT [...] Related songs: What Is This Song About? Prolo […]
    • What Is This Song About?
      LYRICS Dag-nab-it! Why can’t you just remember what this song is about? I did now don’t Why can’t you just remember what this song is about? I was just getting ready to lay down the track When my stomach had this sort-of weird attack By the time I got back My memory was at a [...] Related songs: Prolover Welcome to the Land of Wonders The Comings And Goings […]
    • The Pretty Dittys and I Am Love: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=5024522...
      The Pretty Dittys and I Am Love: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=502452246443291&set=a.212416422113543.55292.196403220381530&type=1&theaterTimeline Photos […]