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    • The POW Our Hour
      The POW Our.mp3 LYRICS In the hour of power Our power All that came before that was sour In that final hour She said, she will show LOVE Shinning down from above She, who holds the key In the final hour In the hour of power We’ll find out our Our punishment or reward If [...] Related songs: To the Church in Philadelphia Fame And Fortune Quality Of Life […]
    • Tracking
      LYRICS Nothing could be much harder Nothing could be much easier Then tracking in the snow All depending on the flow All depending when you go If there’s snow on the ground Just look around But, if it’s snowing still There’s not much time ’till…. So, if you go too slow As it continues to [...] Related songs: Know No Snow Fame And Fortune Quality Of Life […]
    • Birthday bash with funky reggae music: https://www.facebook.com/events/393770777...
      Birthday bash with funky reggae music: https://www.facebook.com/events/393770777366733/ […]
      11) Contemplation – For at least three minutes, relax, breathe, and let your mind be fed by “whatsoever is good and beautiful.” Sacred scripture states, “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” This may be 180º from where I’m comimg from, then again, maybe not, I know I’d be sure to gain his […]
    • Know No Snow
      Know No Snow Music Video LYRICS Sitting on the bed Looking out the window Shaking of my head Blocking out the shadow When I was a child it use to snow Since then, man went wild Now, you never know Standing with the keys Pining out the window Opportunity to seize Singing to the snow [...] Related songs: Quality Of Life Some Enchanted Evening To the Church in […]
    • Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover is Retreating
      PHILADELPHIA, PA — What is up with the weather? Yes, we have seen some freaky storms over the past few years. Global warming is expected to cause volatile weather patterns. Indeed, that is what we have been experiencing; however, overall the Northern Hemisphere is showing a steady decline in snowfall. NOAA: Average of monthly snow […]
    • November 2012 Temperatures 5th Highest Recorded
      Part of the Human Induced Climate Change Experiment Also see: Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover is Retreating   The globally-averaged temperature for November 2012 marked the fifth warmest November since record keeping began in 1880. November 2012 also marks the 36th consecutive November and 333rd consecutive month with a global temperature above the 20th centu […]
    • Quality Of Life
      LYRICS There ain’t no life like the one you’ve got You’re better off having one than not There ain’t no life like the one you’ve got There ain’t no life like the one you’ve got No sense living life like a robot Live the life that you’ve got You might think you’ll be sailing your [...] Related songs: Fame And Fortune Out Of The Dark Some Enchanted Evening […]
    • Bus Routes 94 and 132 Saved
      AMBLER, PA – As a result of the loss of county funding, SEPTA held public hearings in mid-October to consider discontinuing weekday evening and selected Saturday and Sunday trips on Routes 94 and 132. Route 94 connects Montgomery Mall and Chestnut Hill, serving Montgomery County Community College and Ambler. Route 132 connects Telford and Montgomery […]
    • To the Church in Philadelphia
      Revelation 3: 7-13.mp3 A song based on this conversation: Anudder Cast said, So…after the Harold Camping thing, and the Mayan thing, can we be done with “End Of The World” tomfoolery for a while?At least when it comes to ancient prophecy hocus pocus? Give me a good asteroid/Earth collision story or something next time, ok? [...] Related songs: Out Of The Dar […]
    • Fame And Fortune
      Fame And Fortune.mp3 LYRICS Fame Fortune Is it all it’s cracked-up to be? Once you let them in The people around you change And, it’s a shame Once you let them in You’ll be wishing to begin again And, it’s a sin Once you let them in They’re bound to re-arrange Your life’s game Fame [...] Related songs: Out Of The Dark Some Enchanted Evening The Working Song […]
      10) Faith – When Caesar Chavez was organizing farm workers, he challenged them to say, “Si, se puede” (yes, it is possible) when they didn’t know how they would overcome obstacles. Today, say, “Yes, it is possible,” even if you don’t know how your goal will be realized. Have faith and say, “it is possible,” […]
    • Halestorm Videos Electric Factory Concert
      More Halestorm Videos and Pictures 3:33 Halestorm “Love Bites (So Do I)” at the Electric Factory by KingArthur.Com […]
    • Halestorm Concert Philadelphia, PA
      Halestorm Concert Philadelphia, PAHalestorm@[7234546706:274:Halestorm] Concert Philadelphia, PA […]
    • Some Enchanted Evening
      LYRICS This just isn’t some enchanted evening Or, is it? Lzzy on stage singing her soul out All the crowd Singing out loud Singing their souls out The tale of the tail This isn’t just some enchanted evening Or, is it? Vent about the event Vent event This isn’t some enchanted evening Or, is it? [...] Related songs: Out Of The Dark Fame And Fortune To the Chur […]
    • About SEO and social networking: http://membrane.com/sales/market.html
      About SEO and social networking: http://membrane.com/sales/market.htmlInternet marketing services, search engine posting, website traffic analysis, design services, Philmembrane.comOur internet marketing experience is second to none. Your success is our goal. SEO (Search engine optimization, advertising, marketing, increased traffic, consumer interaction, cu […]
    • Sandy Hook Fundraising Scam
      David B. Fein, United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut, and Kimberly K. Mertz, Special Agent in Charge of the New Haven Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, announced that NOUEL ALBA, 37, of the Bronx, New York, was arrested today on a federal criminal complaint charging her with lying to FBI agents […]
    • The Working Song
      LYRICS I’ve got to be on my way Would love to stay… but not today You’re welcome to come along And, spread The Song I’ve got to be on my way I would love to stay and play You’re welcome to come along And, spread the message of The Song The Working Song.mp3 ABOUT THE [...] Related songs: Out Of The Dark Spread It (All Over The World) Digging […]
    • Cauliflower
      Cauliflower is nothing but Cabbage with a College Education. – Mark Twain Cauliflower is part of the cabbage family and is rich in fiber, potassium, vitamins B3 and C. More About Edible Plants No related posts. No related posts. […]
    • Wordsworth Academy on Sandy Hook Elementary
      FORT WASHINGTON, PA — A local student from the Wordsworth Academy, Adriana Periera, authored the following poem reflecting on the school shootings: 20 lives, 20 souls, 20 futures, 20 changes, 20 possible world changes 20 kids Gone !! Because of 1 foolish, selfish act. 6 people, 6 lives, 6 brave hearts that risked their lives […]